Objects & Places from King Leopold's Ghost

Adam Hochschild
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The Congo

This place is a country on the African Continent, known today by a different name that was adopted with its independence in 1997.

The Congo River

This is nearly 3,000 miles in length, and receives water from both sides of the hemisphere.

The Berlin Conference

This event regulated European colonization and trade in Africa.

Williams' Open Letter and a Report upon the Congo-State

This criticized the King's administration and noted that the colony was governed by tyranny.


This is a whip of raw, sun-dried hippopotamus hide, cut into a long corkscrew strip.

Force Publique

This was a group composed of African mercenaries and European leaders.


This natural polymer occurs in the sap of some plants.

Elder Dempster

This British shipping company persisted until its reorganization in 1932.

The Casement Report

This was published in 1904 and held detailed descriptions of the abuses in the Congo.

The Commission of Inquiry Report

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