King Leopold's Ghost Character Descriptions

Adam Hochschild
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Leopold II King of the Belgians - This person succeeded to the throne in 1865 and is described as pencil thin and with a large nose.

Sir Henry Morton Stanley - This person was a Welsh explorer and journalist and is famous for several expeditions to Africa.

Henry Shelton Sanford, Arthur Stevens, and Gerson Bleichröd - These people were all employed in the period leading up to the official international recognition of the Congo as a colony.

George Washington Williams - This character was a minister and historian who called himself colonel.

Joseph Conrad - This person, Polish by birth, was born Konrad Korzeniowski and grew up in Paris.

William Henry Sheppard - This person was an early African-American Presbyterian Missionary and the first black missionary in the Congo.

Edmund Dene (E.D.) Morel - This person was a British journalist who led a campaign against African...

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