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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Colonel Creighton envision for Kim's future?
(a) Moving back to England
(b) Becoming a spy
(c) Living back among the natives
(d) Becoming a good soldier

2. Where did Kim first encounter Colonel Creighton?
(a) In Umballa
(b) Kim meets him for the first time where Kim is now
(c) In Calcutta
(d) In Benares

3. How does Kim outsmart his watchdog?
(a) Kim pretends to be ill
(b) Kim tricks the Chaplain into giving him an assignment
(c) Kim procures a writer
(d) Kim pretends to be awed by the clerk

4. Why does the person ask Kim for help?
(a) Kim is dressed like a priest
(b) They see Kim is a white man
(c) Kim gives the person money
(d) Kim is carrying a large trunk

5. With what does the lama threaten one of the spies?
(a) With his pencil case
(b) The lama does not threaten the spy
(c) With a curse
(d) With a prayer wheel

6. For whom does Mookerjee say he is an emissary?
(a) The Catholic church
(b) The Rajah of Rampur
(c) The British governor
(d) The British military command of the north-central division

7. What does the lama want Kim to do?
(a) Go to school at St. Xavier's
(b) Come back and travel with the lama
(c) Become a Buddhist monk
(d) Become a Catholic

8. Of what do Ali and Sahib convince Creighton when Kim is sixteen?
(a) That Kim needs another year of schooling
(b) That Kim should spend one full year in Ireland
(c) That Kim needs no more schooling
(d) That Kim should spend one full year in England at the military academy

9. How does Kim save Mahbub Ali's life?
(a) Kim kills a cobra Ali is about to step on
(b) Kim warns Ali of two men plotting to kill the man
(c) Kim vouches for Ali with Colonel Creighton
(d) Kim pushes Ali out of the way of some stampeding elephants

10. What is Sahib's occupation?
(a) Ship master
(b) Antiques and jewel dealer
(c) Tax collector
(d) Horse trader

11. What does Kim do in his next summer after his second year at St. Xavier's?
(a) Is Creighton's errand boy
(b) Works with Mookerjee perfecting his field work
(c) Stays with the lama
(d) Assists Ali

12. Who punches the lama in the face?
(a) Mookerjee as a means of covering for lama's almost slip of tongue
(b) The Chinese spy
(c) The Russian spy
(d) The French spy

13. 138. Against what does the lama say Kim must guard?
(a) Seduction by maya
(b) Men who are jealous of Kim's abilities
(c) Deception
(d) Using powers for prideful reasons

14. Of what does Kim's visitor try to convince Kim?
(a) It is best to go to St. Xavier's
(b) Kim should go back to England
(c) Kim should not desert those who have cared for him
(d) Kim should travel with the lama as it is the path of enlightenment

15. In what is Sahib a player?
(a) The Great Game
(b) Smuggling
(c) Political intrigue among the Indian princes
(d) Weekly polo matches

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Huneefa described?

2. Where does Colonel Creighton accompany Kim?

3. Where does Mookerjee take Kim?

4. Who/what is E23?

5. What does the lama think about Kim when he sees Kim transform the chain-man?

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