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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kim feel when he finds the lama?
(a) Sad because the lama dies just as Kim sees him
(b) Ecstatic to be able to continue their quest
(c) Unsure of how the lama will receive him
(d) Sad that the lama is bedridden

2. What does Kim begin to question?
(a) Why the British are in India
(b) If he should work for an organization that cares so little for the natives
(c) Where he belongs
(d) How he should plan his future

3. What does the lama want Kim to do?
(a) Become a Catholic
(b) Go to school at St. Xavier's
(c) Come back and travel with the lama
(d) Become a Buddhist monk

4. Who asks for help for his sick child?
(a) A blind woman
(b) A soldier's wife
(c) A prostitute
(d) A Punjabi farmer

5. What does the lama do after taking ill?
(a) Meditates
(b) Asks Kim to find another lama for a blessing
(c) Retreats alone to a cave for a month
(d) Creates a new drawing

6. What is a Sahib?
(a) An Indian prince
(b) A native Indian leader of the indigenous populace
(c) A white man
(d) A conclave of rulers

7. What is Mookerjee's involvement with two spies?
(a) He is infiltrating their cabal
(b) His brother-in-law is one of the spies
(c) He is stalking them
(d) He is searching for them to kill them

8. How does Kim outsmart his watchdog?
(a) Kim tricks the Chaplain into giving him an assignment
(b) Kim pretends to be ill
(c) Kim pretends to be awed by the clerk
(d) Kim procures a writer

9. How does Kim save Mahbub Ali's life?
(a) Kim warns Ali of two men plotting to kill the man
(b) Kim kills a cobra Ali is about to step on
(c) Kim vouches for Ali with Colonel Creighton
(d) Kim pushes Ali out of the way of some stampeding elephants

10. How does the lama travel with Kim?
(a) On a donkey
(b) In a litter
(c) On his own feet
(d) On the train

11. Why does Kim think it is difficult to travel in northern India?
(a) Because of the cold, wet weather
(b) There are no real roads
(c) It is very swampy
(d) The altitude

12. What does the letter from the lama say?
(a) The lama is coming for a visit
(b) The lama will pay for Kim's education
(c) The lama is going back to his ashram
(d) The lama is ill and needs to see Kim

13. Where did Kim first encounter Colonel Creighton?
(a) In Umballa
(b) In Calcutta
(c) In Benares
(d) Kim meets him for the first time where Kim is now

14. What charm does Huneefa put on Kim?
(a) Against devils
(b) Against being unveiled
(c) Against psychic intrusion
(d) Against confusion

15. Of what nationalities are the two spies?
(a) Russian and Indian
(b) Indian and Chinese
(c) French and Chinese
(d) Russian and French

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Kim's friend Ali say Kim should take advantage?

2. What does the lama think about Kim when he sees Kim transform the chain-man?

3. What does Ali tell Kim cannot be changed?

4. Who is Sahib's servant?

5. Of what does Kim's visitor try to convince Kim?

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