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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kim begin to question?
(a) How he should plan his future
(b) Why the British are in India
(c) If he should work for an organization that cares so little for the natives
(d) Where he belongs

2. Who punches the lama in the face?
(a) The French spy
(b) The Russian spy
(c) Mookerjee as a means of covering for lama's almost slip of tongue
(d) The Chinese spy

3. How does the lama travel with Kim?
(a) In a litter
(b) On his own feet
(c) On the train
(d) On a donkey

4. When does Mookerjee happen upon Kim and the lama?
(a) When the spies have figured out who he is and beaten him
(b) When he is pretending to be a travel guide and showing the spies the area
(c) When he has convinced the spies to betray their mission
(d) When he has led the spies into Nepal instead of China

5. Of what does Kim's visitor try to convince Kim?
(a) Kim should travel with the lama as it is the path of enlightenment
(b) Kim should not desert those who have cared for him
(c) It is best to go to St. Xavier's
(d) Kim should go back to England

6. How is Huneefa described?
(a) A blind prostitute
(b) A blind temple servant
(c) A deaf and mute African
(d) A deaf and mute prostitute

7. At what is Sahib a master?
(a) Reading the stars
(b) Understanding politics
(c) Understanding human nature
(d) Disguise

8. How does Kim's watchdog treat Kim?
(a) With indifference
(b) As a mentor
(c) Verbally abusive
(d) Kindly

9. For whom does Mookerjee say he is an emissary?
(a) The Catholic church
(b) The Rajah of Rampur
(c) The British military command of the north-central division
(d) The British governor

10. What does Kim do in his next summer after his second year at St. Xavier's?
(a) Stays with the lama
(b) Works with Mookerjee perfecting his field work
(c) Assists Ali
(d) Is Creighton's errand boy

11. To whom does Kim send word of his whereabouts?
(a) The laundry woman who raised him
(b) Mahbub Ali
(c) The leader of an Indian rebel group
(d) His supposed grandfather

12. As what will Kim take up a position?
(a) As a server for the District Prince
(b) As a chain-man
(c) As a drummer boy
(d) As a valet for a highly-placed official

13. How does Kim outsmart his watchdog?
(a) Kim procures a writer
(b) Kim pretends to be ill
(c) Kim tricks the Chaplain into giving him an assignment
(d) Kim pretends to be awed by the clerk

14. Where does Kim go with the secret documents?
(a) To Ali
(b) To Shamlegh-under-the-snow
(c) To see General Creighton
(d) Back to Benares

15. What does Kim do in his Christmas holiday during his third year at school?
(a) Lives with General Creighton's family
(b) Trains with Sahib
(c) Visits his grandfather in Ireland
(d) Travels to England

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the person ask Kim for help?

2. What does the artwork that the Lama shows Kim depict?

3. Who is Sahib's servant?

4. What does Colonel Creighton envision for Kim's future?

5. What does the lama think about Kim when he sees Kim transform the chain-man?

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