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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what does Kim's visitor try to convince Kim?
(a) It is best to go to St. Xavier's
(b) Kim should not desert those who have cared for him
(c) Kim should go back to England
(d) Kim should travel with the lama as it is the path of enlightenment

2. For what is the "Great Game" a colloquialism
(a) Chess
(b) The wheel of time
(c) Espionage
(d) Reincarnation

3. What does Mookerjee really want of the two spies?
(a) To obtain the secret documents they possess
(b) To lead them into a trap set by some of Creighton's men
(c) To give them false information to take back to China
(d) To enlist them as double spies

4. How does Kim's watchdog view India?
(a) With contempt
(b) As boring
(c) With reverence
(d) As an interesting and engaging place

5. Who is told to be Kim's watchdog?
(a) A scout
(b) A drummer boy
(c) A cook
(d) A supply clerk

6. Why does Kim think it is difficult to travel in northern India?
(a) There are no real roads
(b) Because of the cold, wet weather
(c) The altitude
(d) It is very swampy

7. How does Kim feel when he finds the lama?
(a) Unsure of how the lama will receive him
(b) Sad because the lama dies just as Kim sees him
(c) Ecstatic to be able to continue their quest
(d) Sad that the lama is bedridden

8. What does Ali tell Kim cannot be changed?
(a) The future
(b) Being a white man
(c) Fate
(d) The path of the Buddha

9. What distresses Kim about the lama?
(a) That the lama will be traveling without Kim
(b) The lama is dying
(c) The lama does not seem to care what happens to Kim
(d) The lama is doing fine without Kim

10. What does Colonel Creighton envision for Kim's future?
(a) Becoming a good soldier
(b) Becoming a spy
(c) Living back among the natives
(d) Moving back to England

11. In what is Sahib a player?
(a) The Great Game
(b) Political intrigue among the Indian princes
(c) Smuggling
(d) Weekly polo matches

12. Where was Kim's watchdog born?
(a) India
(b) England
(c) Ireland
(d) Scotland

13. How does Huneefa disguise Kim?
(a) As a young Buddhist priest
(b) As a young Hindu priest
(c) As a blind beggar
(d) As a male prostitute

14. For whom does Mookerjee say he is an emissary?
(a) The Rajah of Rampur
(b) The British military command of the north-central division
(c) The British governor
(d) The Catholic church

15. What is one skill attributed to Sahib?
(a) Best arms target shooter in the country
(b) Hypnotist
(c) Medium
(d) Best archer in the country

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Kim first encounter Colonel Creighton?

2. Who is under hot pursuit?

3. How is Huneefa described?

4. Who comes to visit Kim?

5. What types of games do Sahib and his servant play with Kim?

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