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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what do Ali and Sahib convince Creighton when Kim is sixteen?
(a) That Kim should spend one full year in England at the military academy
(b) That Kim should spend one full year in Ireland
(c) That Kim needs no more schooling
(d) That Kim needs another year of schooling

2. What distresses Kim about the lama?
(a) That the lama will be traveling without Kim
(b) The lama is dying
(c) The lama is doing fine without Kim
(d) The lama does not seem to care what happens to Kim

3. What is the lama discussing when Mookerjee happens upon him and Kim?
(a) The Wheel of Life
(b) The one desire of the Buddha
(c) The way of peace
(d) Kim's role as a British sahib

4. What does Mookerjee really want of the two spies?
(a) To lead them into a trap set by some of Creighton's men
(b) To obtain the secret documents they possess
(c) To enlist them as double spies
(d) To give them false information to take back to China

5. How is Huneefa described?
(a) A deaf and mute prostitute
(b) A blind prostitute
(c) A blind temple servant
(d) A deaf and mute African

6. What is the purpose of the games they play?
(a) To pass the summer
(b) To enhance Kim's powers of observation
(c) To teach Kim more ways to assimilate into his birth's culture
(d) To make sure Kim can fight his way out of a tight spot.

7. What does Kim do in his next summer after his second year at St. Xavier's?
(a) Is Creighton's errand boy
(b) Works with Mookerjee perfecting his field work
(c) Stays with the lama
(d) Assists Ali

8. What does the lama want Kim to do?
(a) Become a Buddhist monk
(b) Go to school at St. Xavier's
(c) Become a Catholic
(d) Come back and travel with the lama

9. Where was Kim's watchdog born?
(a) Scotland
(b) Ireland
(c) India
(d) England

10. How is E23 disguised?
(a) Like a Mahrata
(b) As a bonus plan for the natives
(c) As a tiger
(d) As a way of taking an accurate census

11. What does Kim get the spies' servants to believe?
(a) That the lama is the Buddha reincarnated
(b) That the Indian spy had been forced to go with the Chinese spy
(c) That the spies' luggage is cursed
(d) That the lama needs the luggage to curse the spies

12. How is Mookerjee disguised when Kim encounters him at the old woman's home?
(a) As a hakim
(b) As a fakir
(c) As a saddhu
(d) As a blind beggar

13. Into what does Kim transform one of the chain-men?
(a) A Catholic Priest
(b) A Gurkha
(c) A lama
(d) A Saddhu

14. Who had drawn the artwork that the lama shows Kim?
(a) The lama does not know
(b) Kim's friend Ali
(c) A Buddhist priest in a monastery
(d) The lama

15. How does Kim help the child?
(a) Praying over him
(b) Kim is unable to help the child
(c) By paying for a doctor to visit the child
(d) With medicine

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kim fare in his second year at St. Xavier's?

2. Where does Kim go with the secret documents?

3. What does the lama do after taking ill?

4. To whom does Kim send word of his whereabouts?

5. For what is the "Great Game" a colloquialism

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