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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Kim at the opening to the novel?
(a) 13
(b) 22
(c) 17
(d) 9

2. What does Kim sometimes do at night for young men of fashion?
(a) Shine their boots
(b) Run errands on the rooftops
(c) Carry messages for them by elephant
(d) Find girls for them to date

3. From what country were Kim's parents?
(a) England
(b) The United States
(c) Ireland
(d) Switzerland

4. What does Kim "prophesy" to the Chaplains?
(a) The beginning of a lasting peace
(b) Kim's ascendance to being a great spy
(c) The end of British rule in India
(d) War

5. Why is Chaplain Bennett uninterested in the lama?
(a) The lama will not speak to Bennett
(b) The lama knows nothing about Kim's background
(c) Bennett considers the lama a heathen
(d) The Chaplain has to obey orders that there is to be no interactions with natives

6. What do Kim and the lama encounter at the end of Chapter 2 as they are walking towards a stream?
(a) A red bull
(b) A battalion of British infantrymen
(c) A pack of dogs
(d) A cripple

7. What does the Commander-in-Chief say an upcoming military action is?
(a) Punishment
(b) War
(c) Defensive posturing
(d) Justice

8. From where is the old man who Kim talks to outside the Lahore Museum?
(a) Lhasa
(b) Kathmandu
(c) Marrakesh
(d) Kulu

9. Why does the farmer offer Kim and the lama milk and a meal?
(a) Because he is of a generous nature
(b) The farmer's wife makes the offer, not the farmer
(c) The farmer does not want his fields cursed
(d) Kim offers to help him with his flock

10. Where does Chaplain Bennett think Kim should go immediately?
(a) The Masonic Orphanage
(b) Lompoc
(c) England
(d) Ireland

11. What flag does Kim see that makes him think a vision about him is happening?
(a) A flag with a Buddha sitting under a tree
(b) A flag of Ireland
(c) It is not a flag; it is a drawing
(d) A flag with a Red Bull on a green field

12. What does the lama call the railway station as he looks at its layout?
(a) The work of the devil
(b) A hopeless place
(c) The wonder of the world
(d) A lion's den

13. What does a man who was illegally collecting bridge taxes affix to the bridge to convince travelers of the veracity of the tax?
(a) A prayer wheel with donation cans
(b) A label from a soda water bottle
(c) A picture of the Sirkar blessing the collector
(d) A turban

14. Of what does the constable try to convince Kim?
(a) That Lord Krishna stayed in their village
(b) That the Sirkar welcomes all holy men to their village
(c) That there is a takkus for use of the roads
(d) That the soldier had stolen the money he gives to Kim

15. Who buys the lama a ticket to Umballa?
(a) The Amritzar woman
(b) Kim
(c) The soldier who has finished his military service
(d) The money-lender

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does the old lady compare the cool and the pines of the Kangra and Kulu hills?

2. What is one thing the woman in the opium den placed in a bag around Kim's neck?

3. For what does Kim upbraid the ticket clerk?

4. What animal does Kim say the constable's father-in-law is?

5. Where is the novel set?

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