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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pulls the lama aboard the train?
(a) The cultivator
(b) Kim
(c) The soldier
(d) The money-lender

2. Who is quoted in the four-line epigraph to Chapter 2?
(a) Buddha
(b) Lao-Tse
(c) Ming Tze
(d) Han Chou

3. Where would the lama go if he were not searching for his river?
(a) Hollywood
(b) Benares
(c) Off the physical plane
(d) Tibet

4. What does the farmer call Kim and the lama?
(a) Scoundrels
(b) Beggars
(c) Travelers
(d) Holy men

5. What is the occupation of an Amritzar woman sitting near the window on the train?
(a) Matchmaker
(b) Lama
(c) Seamstress
(d) Courtesan

6. What does Father Victor say he would give a good deal to be able to do?
(a) Embrace differences
(b) Move about India as Kim does
(c) Be free of restrictions
(d) Speak the vernacular

7. What comes out of the weeds by the canal bank?
(a) A cow
(b) A swan
(c) A mongoose
(d) A cobra

8. Why does Kim not run when he gets loose from Chaplain Bennett's grip?
(a) The Chaplain has Kim's crucifix
(b) The Chaplain has called guards, who appear
(c) The Chaplain seems genuinely kind
(d) The Chaplain has Kim's amulet

9. What does the lama do as he and Kim walk?
(a) Tells parables
(b) Says his Rosary
(c) Sings and chants
(d) Hums to himself

10. What did Chaplain Bennett do to prove his mettle?
(a) Rode a wild stallion
(b) Threw a large boulder
(c) Marched all day with the troops
(d) Raised a mess tent alone

11. Of what does Kim's father's estate consist when the father dies?
(a) Five hundred pounds
(b) A rusty sword and a pair of boots
(c) Three papers
(d) Fifty pounds

12. Why is Chaplain Bennett uninterested in the lama?
(a) The lama will not speak to Bennett
(b) The lama knows nothing about Kim's background
(c) Bennett considers the lama a heathen
(d) The Chaplain has to obey orders that there is to be no interactions with natives

13. To where does Kim buy a train ticket for the lama?
(a) Umballa
(b) Delhi
(c) Kathmandu
(d) Siliguru

14. What does Kim see walking in the distance when they are on the grazing ground?
(a) A dust storm
(b) A herd of wild elephants
(c) Soldiers
(d) A group of Kurds

15. What does the angry farmer brandish at Kim and the lama at the opening to Chapter 3?
(a) A staff
(b) A strap
(c) A knife
(d) An iron pole

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kim "prophesy" to the Chaplains?

2. Where does the Hindu money-lender keep his account-book?

3. To whom does the money lender say it is well to be kind?

4. What flag does Kim see that makes him think a vision about him is happening?

5. Of what does Kim's mother die?

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