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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Kim given a four-anna silver piece by a soldier?
(a) For saving the man's life
(b) For asking the lama to give the man a blessing
(c) For bringing news of the imminent military action
(d) For work in the fields

2. How does the woman who looks after Kim insist he dress?
(a) In native Indian robes
(b) She has no preference
(c) In military fashion
(d) In a European style

3. Where was one of the men of fashion found dead on the night of the earthquake?
(a) In an opium den
(b) Leaning up against the city's wall
(c) At the bottom of a well
(d) By the main city's fountain

4. What do the natives call the Lahore Museum?
(a) The Tomb
(b) White Man's History
(c) The Wonder House
(d) The Dead House

5. What does the lama do as he and Kim walk?
(a) Says his Rosary
(b) Sings and chants
(c) Tells parables
(d) Hums to himself

6. What does the lama call the railway station as he looks at its layout?
(a) A hopeless place
(b) A lion's den
(c) The work of the devil
(d) The wonder of the world

7. What is the Punjabi constable who sees the solider hand Kim money wearing?
(a) A turban
(b) A prayer shawl
(c) Yellow linen trousers
(d) A loin cloth

8. What happened in the country at the moment Kim had first cried after being born?
(a) A massacre
(b) An earthquake
(c) A strangely-colored sky
(d) A cyclone

9. What does Kim sometimes do at night for young men of fashion?
(a) Shine their boots
(b) Run errands on the rooftops
(c) Find girls for them to date
(d) Carry messages for them by elephant

10. Where is the novel set?
(a) Bangladesh
(b) Nepal
(c) The Caribbean
(d) India

11. What group is marching towards the field and singing?
(a) The Sikh regiment
(b) The Mulligan Guards
(c) The Gurkha regiment
(d) The Highlander Guards

12. What does Chaplain Bennett think of as the "Scarlet Woman"?
(a) The native Indians who betray their country
(b) The Church of England
(c) The Catholic Church of Ireland
(d) The camp follower's leader

13. Where does the Hindu money-lender keep his account-book?
(a) Locked in a truck
(b) Hung around his neck
(c) Tied to his pack
(d) In a cloth under his arm

14. What does a man who was illegally collecting bridge taxes affix to the bridge to convince travelers of the veracity of the tax?
(a) A picture of the Sirkar blessing the collector
(b) A turban
(c) A label from a soda water bottle
(d) A prayer wheel with donation cans

15. To where does Kim buy a train ticket for the lama?
(a) Umballa
(b) Kathmandu
(c) Siliguru
(d) Delhi

Short Answer Questions

1. Where were the lama's spectacles made?

2. To whom does the money lender say it is well to be kind?

3. Why does the farmer offer Kim and the lama milk and a meal?

4. What is the sole ornament that is on the table in the mess tent?

5. What is Kim's nickname?

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