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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 - 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How had the money-lender suggested he and his wife travel?
(a) By cart along the road
(b) Walking along the coast
(c) On the train
(d) He did not want to travel at all

2. What does the soldier who gives Kim the four-anna silver piece say as the soldier turns his horse to leave?
(a) Say a blessing for the soldier's mother
(b) Have a save trip
(c) Go and return not to this province
(d) For once the soldier has met a true prophet who is not in the army

3. Where does the Hindu money-lender keep his account-book?
(a) In a cloth under his arm
(b) Tied to his pack
(c) Locked in a truck
(d) Hung around his neck

4. What is Sahib's occupation?
(a) Tax collector
(b) Horse trader
(c) Ship master
(d) Antiques and jewel dealer

5. What does Mookerjee give Kim?
(a) A medicine toolkit
(b) A small pistol
(c) A short saber
(d) A set of knives

Short Answer Questions

1. Who could ask the Curator to explain something at the Lahore Museum?

2. According to a proverb Kim quotes, when should one not talk to a white man?

3. From what country were Kim's parents?

4. What does the lama say he sometimes wonders about Kim?

5. What does the lama think Kim should do?

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