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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 - 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kim say the lama always wants when the lama pulls out his beads?
(a) Understanding
(b) Guidance
(c) Silence
(d) To impress others

2. Of what does Kim regale the children?
(a) Tales of Lahore and rail travel
(b) Of the lama who commands the beasts of the field
(c) Of mystical appearances
(d) Of the British and their exploits

3. What does the lama say he sometimes wonders about Kim?
(a) If Kim has a greater destiny
(b) If Kim is a spirit or evil imp
(c) If Lord Krishna sent Kim to watch over the lama
(d) If Kim's father is watching over Kim

4. In the opening to Chapter 5, who does one of Kim and the lama's escorts say walk to and fro without reason?
(a) The young and stout hearted
(b) Fools and children
(c) The English and devils
(d) The English and their servants

5. What does the farmer call the water that Kim calls a river?
(a) Lake
(b) Stream
(c) Canal-cut
(d) Sewer lane

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kim call the Curator at the museum?

2. What does a man who was illegally collecting bridge taxes affix to the bridge to convince travelers of the veracity of the tax?

3. Where is the best schooling a Sahib boy can get in India?

4. Of what does Kim's mother die?

5. Of what does Kim's father's estate consist when the father dies?

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