Kim Character Descriptions

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The son of the local sweetmeats seller, this character is one of Kim's playmates in Lahore.

Mahbub Ali

This character is characterized by his red beard and quick temper and is a devout Muslim from Afghanistan.

The Amritzar Girl

This character pays for Kim and the lama's ticket fare, ensuring them safe passage.

The Arain Farmer

This character's treats Kim and the Lama coarsely when they trespass on his property.

Reverend Arthur Bennett

This character is the Protestant chaplain for the Maverick Irish regiment in India.

Colonel Creighton

This character is a British officer and the supervisor of the "chain men".

The Curator

This character is the kindly British keeper of the anthropological museum in Lahore.

The Drummer Boy

This character is described as a fat boy of fourteen years with freckles.


Kim uses his spy training to disguise this character as a Saddhu, thus saving...

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