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Chapter 1

• A Tibetan lama who travels alone has come to India in search of the Holy River which sprang from the arrow of the Buddha and promises enlightenment. His chela - or follower or servant - has died.

• Kim agrees to be the lama’s new chela. He tells Mahbub Ali, a horse trader and sometimes guardian of Kim’s that Kim is leaving Lahore with the lama. Kim agrees to carry some documents to an Englishman.

• Later that night, Kim observes two shady looking characters searching Ali’s bags and Kim realizes his favor to Ali may pose danger. Kim and the lama depart early although the lama does not know of Kim’s secret.

Chapter 2

• On the train to Umballa, Kim and the lama meet others representing an array of customs and languages from all over India.

• Kim seeks out the home of the Englishman upon...

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