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Bill O'Reilly
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Essay Topic 1

Patton was not given the resources he needed to fight the battle at Fort Driant. What did the battle reveal about politics and war? How did politics affect the outcome in the first battle?

Essay Topic 2

Patton was respected, but he was also hated. What did his nickname “Old Blood and Guts” (1) reveal about how people viewed Patton? Why was he respected and hated?

Essay Topic 3

The authors believed that Patton’s death might not have been accidental. What information was presented that could indicate that Patton’s death was not accidental?

Essay Topic 4

Patton believed that a hero was a man who fought even if he was scared. How did Patton define a coward? What did Patton think of men who could not go back to the front lines because of fear? Why did he think they were cowards? What did Patton think should be...

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