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Mark Bowden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Gustavo Gaviria related to Escobar?
(a) His cousin.
(b) His nephew.
(c) His son.
(d) His brother.

2. Which magazine estimated Gacha's fortune at $5 billion?
(a) Time.
(b) Forbes.
(c) Face.
(d) Fortune.

3. What does the author say is an essential part of Centra Spike's strategy?
(a) Protection.
(b) Assassins.
(c) Microphones.
(d) Secrecy.

4. What does NSA stand for?
(a) Natural Sources Association.
(b) Neutral Side Agency.
(c) National Security Agency.
(d) National Slip Agency.

5. What is Eduardo Mendoza's position in government?
(a) Primeminister.
(b) Vice Minister of Justice.
(c) Foreign Secretary.
(d) Home Secretary.

6. Where does Escobar claim he worked as an adolescence?
(a) A bicycle rent shop.
(b) A cotton field.
(c) A petrol station.
(d) A Mercedes factory plant.

7. Who does Pablo declare war on?
(a) The government.
(b) America.
(c) The masses.
(d) The guerillas.

8. What does Gacha have on the band of his Panama hat?
(a) A duck feather.
(b) A snake head.
(c) A Rabbit foot.
(d) A rat head.

9. In which publication did Genearl Maza declare himself Pablo's personal enemy?
(a) Time.
(b) El Tiempo.
(c) Face.
(d) Das Spiegel.

10. What do the guerillas like to throw in the railroad underpasses?
(a) Knives.
(b) Water.
(c) Grenades.
(d) Mud.

11. What does Que mas, caballero mean?
(a) Please take off your shoes.
(b) Don't stay too long.
(c) What's happening, my man.
(d) What's the time.

12. What does Pablo say Colombia is asking for?
(a) War.
(b) Coalition.
(c) Independence.
(d) Peace.

13. What do the police find in the trunk of the colonel's car?
(a) A bomb.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) Heroin.
(d) A dead body.

14. What is the name of Gacha's hometown?
(a) Bogota.
(b) Pacho.
(c) Escribiano.
(d) Pancho.

15. How does Pardo astonish Gaviria?
(a) He takes a bribe from Pablo.
(b) He refuses to shake Gaviria's hand.
(c) He tries to kill Gaviria.
(d) He refuses to blow up the prison.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Escobar tell Mendoza will happen before he dies?

2. Where is Steve Murphy from?

3. Who owns the prison Escobar is put into?

4. How does Mermelstein describe Escobar's appearance in the Semana magazine?

5. In his note, what does Pablo say he wants?

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