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Lee Child
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Reacher suggest that Finlay get to help unofficially?

2. What is Hubble's wife's name?

3. At the beginning of Chapter 9, what is Jack going to check out?

4. Where is the county morgue located?

5. Where does Paul Hubble live?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why won't a murder charge hold up against Paul Hubble?

2. Describe the woman who enters the convenience store when Reacher is there.

3. How does Chief Morrison justify sending Hubble and Reacher to jail?

4. How does Reacher get a look inside the truck that the Kliner kid drives to Mississippi?

5. Why does Reacher drive to the Atlanta airport?

6. What does Charlie want Reacher to do?

7. Why is Reacher released from prison on Sunday morning?

8. Why does Finlay go to talk to Morrison on Monday morning?

9. What did Kelstein tell Reacher about counterfeiting?

10. How does Reacher find Gray's files?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Reacher is very careful before he trusts Finlay. Argue that there were other times in the novel when Reacher should have been more careful before deciding that people were trustworthy.

Essay Topic 2

Reacher commits several murders and some miscellaneous crimes in the course of the novel. Explain why Reacher feels that these actions are justified and why he does not feel any remorse or guilt for his behavior.

Essay Topic 3

At various points in the novel, the author uses suspense to lead to a big event or dramatic moment. Compare how the author uses suspense throughout the novel in the different conflicts and problems that the characters face.

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