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Lee Child
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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Reacher and Roscoe find in Joe's garment bag?

2. Where do Reacher and Roscoe go to in Atlanta on Wednesday morning?

3. Whose gun does Roscoe give Reacher?

4. Who owns the panel van that Reacher sees on Tuesday morning?

5. What does Reacher drive after his taxi ride?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Reacher get any useful information from Spivey?

2. Why does Reacher ask Finlay if Picard might have put a couple of guys on surveillance?

3. Why does the main character assume that the police are at the diner to arrest him?

4. How does Chief Morrison justify sending Hubble and Reacher to jail?

5. Describe the woman who enters the convenience store when Reacher is there.

6. Why does Finlay go to talk to Morrison on Monday morning?

7. How does Reacher describe his relationship with his brother?

8. A third murder victim has been found. Why is Reacher concerned when he reaches the police station and notices that Finlay looks stunned?

9. Who is the mayor of Margrave?

10. Why do the police officers say that the murderer went crazy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain why freedom is important to Reacher and what he will do to be free.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the significance and meaning of the title of the novel.

Essay Topic 3

As the author describes Margrave, Georgia, the town seems almost too neat, too perfect. Explain how the author uses these details to indicate what is hiding behind the town's facade of perfection.

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