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Lee Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reacher tell Finlay they need to go back to Margrave to get?
(a) Gray's file.
(b) Morrison's file.
(c) Baker's file.
(d) Teale's file.

2. Why does Reacher take the Bentley to an automobile shop?
(a) To tune the engine.
(b) To get the oil changed.
(c) To get new tires.
(d) To get the windows tinted.

3. When was Kelstein involved in counterfeiting?
(a) During the Korean War.
(b) During the Cold War.
(c) During World War I.
(d) During World War II.

4. How many people are in the Margrave Police Department now that Kliner and his gang are defeated?
(a) Ten people.
(b) Six people.
(c) Three people.
(d) Four people.

5. From where do fire trucks come to fight the warehouse fires?
(a) Augusta and Macon.
(b) Alabama and South Carolina.
(c) Atlanta and Marietta.
(d) Atlanta and Macon.

6. When Reacher returns from Mississippi, with whom does he have a verbal sparring match?
(a) Baker.
(b) Stevenson.
(c) Kliner.
(d) Teale.

7. Where does Reacher drive the Kliner Foundation truck after killing all the men inside it?
(a) The mayor's office.
(b) The woods.
(c) The police station.
(d) Morrison's house.

8. Who is driving the truck with California plates that goes to Warehouse Four?
(a) Kliner.
(b) A Hispanic guy.
(c) The Kliner kid.
(d) Baker.

9. What is on the printout that Reacher and Roscoe find in Joe's garment bag?
(a) A list of locations.
(b) A list of names.
(c) A list of serial numbers.
(d) A list of initials and phone numbers.

10. Where does Teale sit when Reacher, Roscoe, and Finlay return to the Margrave Police Station?
(a) Near the file room.
(b) In the rosewood office.
(c) In his office.
(d) At Baker's desk.

11. After Finlay, Reacher and Hubble leave the barbershop, what does Finlay do when he goes back to the station to get a weapon?
(a) Shoots the tires on the patrol cars.
(b) Drives another car into the station.
(c) Starts a fire at the police station.
(d) Has a farmer dump manure in the station.

12. How many of the original ten that Hubble mentioned have to be identified after Reacher figures out the bleaching theory?
(a) One.
(b) Four.
(c) Six.
(d) Two.

13. Why does Reacher think that Roscoe, Charlie, and the children are being held at Kliner's warehouse?
(a) Because Baker let something slip.
(b) Because Picard let something slip.
(c) Because of the booming echo on the tapes.
(d) Because Kliner let something slip.

14. Who comes to see Reacher while he is holed up at the barber's place?
(a) The waitress from Eno's Diner.
(b) Stevenson.
(c) The barber's sister.
(d) Mrs. Kliner.

15. Who do Reacher, Finlay, and Hubble find when they get inside the warehouse office?
(a) Mrs. Kliner.
(b) Ben and Lucy.
(c) Kliner.
(d) Charlie and Roscoe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is in the cartons that Finlay and Reacher find in Atlanta on Saturday?

2. Where do they find Gray's files?

3. What happens when Picard and Reacher are about twenty miles from Augusta?

4. Who killed Mary Beth and the Morrisons, according to Picard?

5. Finlay and Reacher hear recorded messages on tape. Who recorded the messages?

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