Objects & Places from Killing Floor

Lee Child
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Margrave - This is a small town in Georgia.

Margrave Police Department - This is a department run by a chief, four uniformed men, one woman, and a chief of detectives.

Kliner Foundation - This is a company formed to launder counterfeit money and enable other borderline illegal companies to operate.

Treasury Department - This is the place where the first murder victim worked as an agent to eliminate counterfeiting in the U.S.

Warburton State Prison - This is the place where two suspects are taken on Friday and where an attempt is made to kill one of them.

Island Air Conditioning - This is the front company that is used to haul single dollar bills in large amounts to Florida, where they would be shipped to Venezuela for bleaching and reprinting.

Atlanta FBI - This is the workplace of a special agent and is housed...

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