Killing Floor Character Descriptions

Lee Child
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Jack Reacher

This character has left the military and is traveling around the country when he is accused of a murder.


This character is retired from the Boston Police Department and is now Chief of Detectives in Margrave.

Chief Morrison

This character is the chief of police in Margrave, Georgia.

Officer Roscoe

This character is an honest member of the Margrave Police Department and is about thirty-years-old.

Paul Hubble

This character's phone number is found in the shoe of an unidentified man killed near the overpass for the freeway.

Joe Reacher

This character is the first murder victim in the story.


This character is an FBI agent working out of Atlanta who is secretly working with the criminals.

Sergeant Baker

This character is a member of the Margrave police force and is a complete professional.

Charlie Hubble

This character has two children and a spouse who...

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