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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fremantle hope for after the war is over?
(a) The destruction of the Northern government.
(b) An English victory over France.
(c) A position in the Confederate government.
(d) The South will rejoin England.

2. What concerns Armistead about this battle?
(a) He may have to face his old friend, Hancock.
(b) He believes Lee was wrong to attack the middle.
(c) He may not survive to see his wife again.
(d) He is too old to fight anymore.

3. What does Armistead want Pickett to do about Garnett?
(a) Detail an aide to him to help him walk.
(b) Force him to go to the hospital tent.
(c) Order him not to make the charge.
(d) Give him his own horse to ride.

4. What had Sickles done that causes difficulty for the Union?
(a) Engages in battle without permission.
(b) Swings his men around the Confederate troops to the south.
(c) Moves his troops down off the hill.
(d) Removes his troops from battle.

5. Which of these is NOT a reason Longstreet gives for advising against a frontal assault?
(a) An attack would be uphill over open ground.
(b) His men will refuse.
(c) The enemy has plenty of artillery.
(d) The enemy is well entrenched.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Fremantle say the English have not entered the war?

2. What question continues to occasionally plague Chamberlain?

3. What strange action does Chamberlain take under gunfire?

4. How does Pickett respond to his orders?

5. Why won't Longstreet send support to Pickett when he asks for it?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Pickett's mood in "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 5, Longstreet," contrast with his mood in "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 2, Longstreet?"

2. In "Friday, July 3, Chapter 4, Armistead," why does Garnett decide to go against orders and ride his horse into battle?

3. In "Friday, July 3, 1863, Chapter 1, Chamberlain," what is ironic about where Chamberlain and his men are being sent?

4. Meade has been referred to many times throughout the novel, and is referred to again in "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 3, Chamberlain." What is your impression of him? Support your answer.

5. Earlier, in "The First Day, Chapter 4, Chamberlain," Chamberlain remembers Ames saying that to lead men, "You must care for your men's welfare. You must show physical courage." Do you think Chamberlain exemplifies these qualities? Explain, including reference to "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 4, Chamberlain,".

6. In "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 3, Chamberlain," the word "dreamyly" appears several times. Explain its significance.

7. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 5, Longstreet," how do Longstreet and Lee differ on their views of the day's battle?

8. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 2, Chamberlain," what does Chamberlain's encounter with the escaped slave reveal to him?

9. In "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 4, Armistead," what are Armistead's dying thoughts?

10. In "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 5, Longstreet," why does Longstreet think he can no longer lead? How does Lee respond?

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