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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sykes want to see Chamberlain?
(a) To compliment him on his leadership the day before.
(b) To inquire after his casualties.
(c) To make sure he and his men had enough food.
(d) To promote him to a new command.

2. What does the Baptist minister say to Chamberlain about slavery?
(a) It is the mark of a doomed society.
(b) There is nothing wrong with it provided the master treats the slave well.
(c) It is wrong according to the Bible and every man should fight it.
(d) Chamberlain cannot understand it because he has never lived with the black man.

3. What does Fremantle think the war is really about?
(a) The superiority of those of English descent
(b) Adaptation vs. rejection of European customs
(c) States' rights
(d) Slavery

4. What news about Gen. Ewell does Venable bring to Lee?
(a) Ewell and Early have had a disagreement and there is talk of a duel.
(b) Ewell has been taken sick and can no longer serve.
(c) Ewell has regained control and is gathering his men together.
(d) Ewell is not in command but is deferring to Early.

5. What makes the Confederate troops turn back as they start to retreat?
(a) A regiment of Union soldiers that had come around behind them.
(b) The sight of the flag of Virginia still waving.
(c) Their own cannons pointed at them.
(d) The sight of Lee, bareheaded, on horseback.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the battle go for the Confederates?

2. How does Armistead get his men's attention when he goes to help Kemper?

3. Who do Hood's officers blame for their loss?

4. How does Lee generally handle a battle?

5. Why is the slave shot?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 3, Chamberlain," the word "dreamyly" appears several times. Explain its significance.

2. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 6, Lee," how does Stuart respond to Lee's reprimand? Do you think Lee is right to reprimand him rather than court martial him?

3. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 4, Chamberlain," what is the result of Vincent telling Chamberlain that his men cannot withdraw under any circumstances?

4. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 3, Longstreet," what difficulty arises for Longstreet that results in the attack not being effective?

5. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 1, Fremantle," how is Hood described? What does Fremantle try to sense about Hood when he meets him?

6. In "Friday, July 3, 1863, Chapter 2, Longstreet," why does Longstreet say the assault will be especially hard on Armistead?

7. Meade has been referred to many times throughout the novel, and is referred to again in "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 3, Chamberlain." What is your impression of him? Support your answer.

8. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 5, Longstreet," Longstreet several times has the urge to talk to Lee about his tactics, and about Stuart, and yet he suppresses the urge. Why? Do you think that is the right thing to do?

9. In "Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 3, Longstreet," what does Hood want Longstreet to give him permission to do? What is Longstreet's response? What do you think the outcome of that decision will be?

10. How does Pickett's mood in "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 5, Longstreet," contrast with his mood in "Friday, July 3,1863, Chapter 2, Longstreet?"

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