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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the internal conflict with which Lee struggles?
(a) He does not believe he is the right man to lead this army.
(b) He is certain that battle will mean death for many of his soldiers.
(c) He needs food for his men, but does not like to take it from civilians.
(d) He is attacking land he had once sworn to defend.

2. What disagreement does Buford encounter upon arriving at headquarters?
(a) Who is responsible for the day's success.
(b) Which general is in command, Howard or Hancock.
(c) What should be done with captured deserters.
(d) Who is the better man, Lee or Meade.

3. What scent directs Buford to headquarters?
(a) Cigar smoke
(b) Cooking meat
(c) Fresh-dug earth
(d) Burning wood

4. According to Ames, what two things must an officer do to lead men?
(a) Know the men personally and play upon their strengths.
(b) Care for the men's welfare and show physical courage.
(c) Speak softly and carry a big stick.
(d) Always be the first to attack and always be the last to retreat.

5. What had been Chamberlain's job before joining the army?
(a) Lawyer
(b) Shopkeeper
(c) Professor
(d) Carpenter

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is it the spy quotes to himself as he rides along?

2. Why does Lee think there is an opportunity here?

3. After Chamberlain talks to them, how many of the mutineers still refuse to fight?

4. What does Buford conclude when the Rebel troops pull back?

5. What is the first question Chamberlain has for the mutineers?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Monday, June 29, 1863, Chapter 4, Longstreet," what does Longstreet's lack of interest in poker represent?

2. In "Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 3, Lee," why does Lee think "God has decreed a fight here?"

3. In "Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 6, Lee," how is Ewell described? What kind of commander do you think he is?

4. Once the enemy starts running, in "Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 3, Lee," what does Longstreet suggest? How does Lee respond?

5. In "Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 5, Longstreet," what does Fremantle say about Lee? How are Fremantle and Lee similar in their approach to warfare?

6. Describe the situation at the end of "Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 3, Lee."

7. In "Monday, June 29, 1863, Chapter 1, The Spy," why are Sorrel, Longstreet and Lee hesitant to believe the spy's information?

8. In "Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 1, Lee," what does Lee have to feel guilty about?

9. How would you characterize Lee's approach to civilians?

10. In "Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 7, Buford," what do you think it symbolizes when Buford cannot find the white angel but sees instead the Rebel fires burning?

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