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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What concerns Armistead about this battle?
(a) He is too old to fight anymore.
(b) He believes Lee was wrong to attack the middle.
(c) He may have to face his old friend, Hancock.
(d) He may not survive to see his wife again.

2. When the South seceded, why did Lee give up his position in the U.S. military?
(a) He could not fight against his own people.
(b) His wife asked him to.
(c) He believed strongly in the cause of the South.
(d) He was about to be removed from power anyway.

3. What makes the Confederate troops turn back as they start to retreat?
(a) Their own cannons pointed at them.
(b) A regiment of Union soldiers that had come around behind them.
(c) The sight of Lee, bareheaded, on horseback.
(d) The sight of the flag of Virginia still waving.

4. On whose eagerness for battle is Lee depending?
(a) Stuart and Pickett
(b) Ewell and Early
(c) McLaws and Hood
(d) Longstreet and Rodes

5. What surprises Chamberlain about his interaction with the escaped slave?
(a) The similarity between them
(b) His own feelings of revulsion
(c) The instant feeling of brotherhood
(d) The slave's articulateness

6. What does Longstreet think will be the outcome of this battle?
(a) The surviving soldiers will draw more troops to them with their stories of courage.
(b) The South will come back to win more important battles.
(c) The South will eventually lose the war.
(d) The North will have suffered too many casualties to finish the war.

7. What action does Chamberlain take that haunts him afterward?
(a) He sends Tom into a gap to fill it.
(b) He leaves Kilrain wounded on the battlefield.
(c) He sends his men to scavenge ammunition from the dead.
(d) He shoots an enemy officer at point-blank range.

8. In Chamberlain's mind, what takes away from the perfection of the fight?
(a) Using Tom to plug the hole in the line.
(b) Getting wounded in the foot.
(c) Kilrain's wound taking him off the field.
(d) The heavy casualties his regiment suffered.

9. Why does Longstreet tell Hood not to attack to the right?
(a) He does not want to go against Lee again.
(b) He knows the enemy is reforming for just such an attack.
(c) He thinks an attack on the right will fail.
(d) He wants Hood to stay where he is as a buffer between Longstreet and the enemy.

10. How does Lee think one wins victories?
(a) By knowing one's enemy better than one's friends.
(b) By attacking with courage and with faith.
(c) By coming up with clever strategies.
(d) By knowing when to attack and when to retreat.

11. What does Chamberlain think will happen if the South wins?
(a) America will become two countries.
(b) The South will become a British protectorate.
(c) The South will eventually overtake the North.
(d) The North and South will eventually reunify.

12. Whose advice has Lee taken regarding strategy?
(a) McLaws
(b) Pickett and Hood
(c) Longstreet
(d) Ewell and Early

13. From whom does the Confederacy get many of its guns and most of its wagons?
(a) France
(b) England
(c) The Union army
(d) Confederate factories

14. What does Fremantle think of democracy?
(a) It is a noble idea.
(b) It will stand the test of time and spread throughout the world.
(c) It is an experiment that will ultimately fail.
(d) It should be brought to England.

15. What does Chamberlain think about the ground they're holding?
(a) They would be better off finding another site altogether.
(b) It is an OK position, but with a little power, the Rebels will overtake them.
(c) One side of it is very weak.
(d) It is a very good position and they can hold it for quite a while.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these is NOT a reason Longstreet gives for advising against a frontal assault?

2. Which of these countries is NOT represented at breakfast?

3. What does Longstreet contemplate when he realizes the battle is lost?

4. How is Pettigrew of the Confederates like Chamberlain of the Union?

5. What news about Gen. Ewell does Venable bring to Lee?

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