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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the slave shot?
(a) He tries to help another slave escape.
(b) He assaults an officer.
(c) He asks directions from a white woman.
(d) He runs from the Confederate ranks.

2. How is Pettigrew of the Confederates like Chamberlain of the Union?
(a) They both have a brother serving under them.
(b) They are both intellectuals.
(c) They both are 34 years old.
(d) They are both from Maine.

3. What does Kilrain think is important in fighting this war?
(a) Race
(b) Unity
(c) Equality
(d) Justice

4. What does Longstreet think he should do but cannot?
(a) Resign his position.
(b) Find a place to get some rest.
(c) Lead the attack from the front line.
(d) Send scouts for additional ammunition.

5. What is Stuart's initial response when Lee tells him there are officers who want Stuart court-martialed?
(a) He bows his head in shame.
(b) He wants to know who those officers are.
(c) He protests his innocence.
(d) He offers to resign from his post.

6. What does Marshall request of Longstreet?
(a) Talk Lee into an attack on the right.
(b) Ask Lee to court-martial Stuart.
(c) Speak to Lee on Stuart's behalf.
(d) Talk Lee into a frontal attack.

7. How does Lee generally handle a battle?
(a) He gives his officers orders then lets them do the fighting.
(b) He joins the troops in the field and fights at the front of the troops.
(c) He retreats to headquarters and studies his Bible until the battle is over.
(d) He stays in contact with the officers and directs them several times a day.

8. Why does Fremantle say the English have not entered the war?
(a) They don't have the resources.
(b) They are engaged in their own war with France.
(c) They will not fight to support slavery.
(d) They believe the North will win in the end.

9. Why does Sykes want to see Chamberlain?
(a) To compliment him on his leadership the day before.
(b) To promote him to a new command.
(c) To inquire after his casualties.
(d) To make sure he and his men had enough food.

10. What surprises Chamberlain about his interaction with the escaped slave?
(a) The slave's articulateness
(b) The instant feeling of brotherhood
(c) His own feelings of revulsion
(d) The similarity between them

11. What is Armistead's fear at the end?
(a) That Mira Hancock will get receive word that both Armistead and Hancock have been killed.
(b) That he will be punished eternally for his part in this war.
(c) That he will die without seeing Hancock.
(d) That he will lose honor for not having accomplished his task.

12. The song "Kathleen Mavourneen" remind Armistead of ___________.
(a) His former homeland, Ireland.
(b) The last time he saw his wife.
(c) The first girl he ever loved.
(d) The last time he saw Winfield Hancock.

13. What does Longstreet think will be the outcome of this battle?
(a) The surviving soldiers will draw more troops to them with their stories of courage.
(b) The North will have suffered too many casualties to finish the war.
(c) The South will come back to win more important battles.
(d) The South will eventually lose the war.

14. On whose eagerness for battle is Lee depending?
(a) Longstreet and Rodes
(b) Stuart and Pickett
(c) McLaws and Hood
(d) Ewell and Early

15. What does Chamberlain decide to do when his men run out of ammunition?
(a) Move his men to the right to join other troops.
(b) Show a white flag and surrender.
(c) Fix bayonets and charge.
(d) Ride to Col. Vincent to request more ammunition.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Longstreet struggling with throughout the chapter?

2. What does Fremantle think the war is really about?

3. What strange action does Chamberlain take under gunfire?

4. What does Col. Vincent tell Chamberlain he must do?

5. Who does Lee blame for the attack's failure?

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