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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What difficulty faces Longstreet?
(a) His horse lames himself, and Longstreet has to find another one.
(b) Not knowing the area well, he's forced to turn his troops around and lead a counter-march.
(c) He cannot focus on the battle because he keeps thinking about his dead children.
(d) His men lose confidence in his leadership and refuse to fight.

2. The song "Kathleen Mavourneen" remind Armistead of ___________.
(a) His former homeland, Ireland.
(b) The first girl he ever loved.
(c) The last time he saw his wife.
(d) The last time he saw Winfield Hancock.

3. What strategy does Lee decide is the best course of action?
(a) Withdraw to higher ground and try to draw the enemy out in the open.
(b) Attack at the center and split the line in two.
(c) Attack on the right as Longstreet suggested.
(d) Attack on the left where the enemy has already been weakened.

4. Now that nearly half of his regiment is gone, what does Rice tell Chamberlain to do?
(a) Move his remaining men out of harm's way for the time being.
(b) Join his men to Sickles' regiment.
(c) Occupy the big, wooded hill.
(d) Take care of the wounded.

5. How does Lee think one wins victories?
(a) By attacking with courage and with faith.
(b) By coming up with clever strategies.
(c) By knowing when to attack and when to retreat.
(d) By knowing one's enemy better than one's friends.

6. What question continues to occasionally plague Chamberlain?
(a) What if it is he who is wrong?
(b) How could one man take up arms against another?
(c) What is this war really about?
(d) What is more important, his duty to his men or his duty to his country?

7. What does the Baptist minister say to Chamberlain about slavery?
(a) It is wrong according to the Bible and every man should fight it.
(b) Chamberlain cannot understand it because he has never lived with the black man.
(c) There is nothing wrong with it provided the master treats the slave well.
(d) It is the mark of a doomed society.

8. Whose absence is once again affecting the Confederate troops?
(a) Stuart
(b) Meade
(c) Law
(d) Campbell

9. What does Chamberlain decide to do when his men run out of ammunition?
(a) Move his men to the right to join other troops.
(b) Show a white flag and surrender.
(c) Fix bayonets and charge.
(d) Ride to Col. Vincent to request more ammunition.

10. On whose eagerness for battle is Lee depending?
(a) Longstreet and Rodes
(b) McLaws and Hood
(c) Stuart and Pickett
(d) Ewell and Early

11. What does Longstreet think will be the outcome of this battle?
(a) The South will eventually lose the war.
(b) The surviving soldiers will draw more troops to them with their stories of courage.
(c) The North will have suffered too many casualties to finish the war.
(d) The South will come back to win more important battles.

12. Why does Sykes want to see Chamberlain?
(a) To inquire after his casualties.
(b) To promote him to a new command.
(c) To compliment him on his leadership the day before.
(d) To make sure he and his men had enough food.

13. Which of these is NOT something Chamberlain thinks about his men?
(a) They deserve recognition for what they accomplished the day before.
(b) Another battle like the one the day before, and the regiment will be gone.
(c) Those who remain are the best of the best.
(d) They would be better off under the command of someone else.

14. What surprises Chamberlain about his interaction with the escaped slave?
(a) The similarity between them
(b) His own feelings of revulsion
(c) The slave's articulateness
(d) The instant feeling of brotherhood

15. What is Stuart's initial response when Lee tells him there are officers who want Stuart court-martialed?
(a) He wants to know who those officers are.
(b) He offers to resign from his post.
(c) He protests his innocence.
(d) He bows his head in shame.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Tom bring Chamberlain?

2. Which of these is NOT a reason Longstreet gives for why Meade will not attack?

3. What keeps Armistead going?

4. What does Armistead want Pickett to do about Garnett?

5. From whom does the Confederacy get many of its guns and most of its wagons?

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