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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kilrain think is important in fighting this war?
(a) Unity
(b) Race
(c) Justice
(d) Equality

2. What prediction does Hancock make about the Rebels?
(a) They will attack the right flank again.
(b) They will strike again, this time in the middle.
(c) They will retreat before noon.
(d) They will concentrate on the left.

3. What does Chamberlain think will happen if the South wins?
(a) The South will become a British protectorate.
(b) The North and South will eventually reunify.
(c) America will become two countries.
(d) The South will eventually overtake the North.

4. Who do Hood's officers blame for their loss?
(a) Pickett
(b) Lee
(c) Longstreet
(d) Hood

5. What news does Tom bring Chamberlain?
(a) The rations can't get through.
(b) Kilrain has died.
(c) The hospital has been shut down.
(d) Meade wants to see him.

6. How is Pettigrew of the Confederates like Chamberlain of the Union?
(a) They both are 34 years old.
(b) They are both from Maine.
(c) They both have a brother serving under them.
(d) They are both intellectuals.

7. Which of these is NOT a reason Longstreet gives for advising against a frontal assault?
(a) The enemy is well entrenched.
(b) His men will refuse.
(c) An attack would be uphill over open ground.
(d) The enemy has plenty of artillery.

8. How does Pickett respond to his orders?
(a) Soberly and somberly
(b) With excitement, but some doubts
(c) With some hesitation
(d) With great enthusiasm

9. What had Sickles done that causes difficulty for the Union?
(a) Removes his troops from battle.
(b) Moves his troops down off the hill.
(c) Swings his men around the Confederate troops to the south.
(d) Engages in battle without permission.

10. How does Armistead get his men's attention when he goes to help Kemper?
(a) Waves a flag in the air.
(b) Blows a bugle call.
(c) Puts his hat on top of his uplifted sword.
(d) Shoots his gun into the air.

11. What does Fremantle think the war is really about?
(a) Adaptation vs. rejection of European customs
(b) States' rights
(c) The superiority of those of English descent
(d) Slavery

12. How does Lee generally handle a battle?
(a) He gives his officers orders then lets them do the fighting.
(b) He retreats to headquarters and studies his Bible until the battle is over.
(c) He stays in contact with the officers and directs them several times a day.
(d) He joins the troops in the field and fights at the front of the troops.

13. What news about Gen. Ewell does Venable bring to Lee?
(a) Ewell has regained control and is gathering his men together.
(b) Ewell is not in command but is deferring to Early.
(c) Ewell and Early have had a disagreement and there is talk of a duel.
(d) Ewell has been taken sick and can no longer serve.

14. Why is the slave shot?
(a) He tries to help another slave escape.
(b) He runs from the Confederate ranks.
(c) He assaults an officer.
(d) He asks directions from a white woman.

15. On whose eagerness for battle is Lee depending?
(a) Stuart and Pickett
(b) McLaws and Hood
(c) Longstreet and Rodes
(d) Ewell and Early

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marshall request of Longstreet?

2. What is Armistead's fear at the end?

3. What does Chamberlain think about the ground they're holding?

4. Why does Sykes want to see Chamberlain?

5. Of what had Lee been trying to warn Longstreet?

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