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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Col. Vincent tell Chamberlain he must do?
(a) Hold as long as he can but preserve his men.
(b) Send frequent messages to Vincent updating him on the progress of the battle.
(c) Keep his men hidden behind rocks to surprise the enemy.
(d) Not withdraw under any circumstances.

2. From whom does the Confederacy get many of its guns and most of its wagons?
(a) England
(b) France
(c) Confederate factories
(d) The Union army

3. What prediction does Hancock make about the Rebels?
(a) They will strike again, this time in the middle.
(b) They will attack the right flank again.
(c) They will retreat before noon.
(d) They will concentrate on the left.

4. Which of these is NOT a reason Longstreet gives for why Meade will not attack?
(a) He will have orders from Washington not to attack.
(b) He is General Meade.
(c) He has just arrived on the field and will not understand the position.
(d) He will be reluctant to move without his full force.

5. What does Tom say about the battle the day before?
(a) The bayonets are very effective -- he saw lots of men killed by them.
(b) Chamberlain should have given a different command.
(c) He had no time to be afraid during the battle.
(d) Many of the men cannot bring themselves to use the bayonets.

6. What does Fremantle think the war is really about?
(a) States' rights
(b) The superiority of those of English descent
(c) Adaptation vs. rejection of European customs
(d) Slavery

7. Now that nearly half of his regiment is gone, what does Rice tell Chamberlain to do?
(a) Join his men to Sickles' regiment.
(b) Move his remaining men out of harm's way for the time being.
(c) Take care of the wounded.
(d) Occupy the big, wooded hill.

8. How does Lee think one wins victories?
(a) By knowing one's enemy better than one's friends.
(b) By knowing when to attack and when to retreat.
(c) By attacking with courage and with faith.
(d) By coming up with clever strategies.

9. What is Armistead's fear at the end?
(a) That he will lose honor for not having accomplished his task.
(b) That he will be punished eternally for his part in this war.
(c) That Mira Hancock will get receive word that both Armistead and Hancock have been killed.
(d) That he will die without seeing Hancock.

10. What does the Baptist minister say to Chamberlain about slavery?
(a) Chamberlain cannot understand it because he has never lived with the black man.
(b) There is nothing wrong with it provided the master treats the slave well.
(c) It is wrong according to the Bible and every man should fight it.
(d) It is the mark of a doomed society.

11. What difficulty faces Longstreet?
(a) Not knowing the area well, he's forced to turn his troops around and lead a counter-march.
(b) His horse lames himself, and Longstreet has to find another one.
(c) His men lose confidence in his leadership and refuse to fight.
(d) He cannot focus on the battle because he keeps thinking about his dead children.

12. Of what had Lee been trying to warn Longstreet?
(a) He has no cause and he cannot just fight for the soldiers.
(b) He will be demoted if he does not show Lee proper support.
(c) His habit of speaking his mind will be his political downfall.
(d) His men will not follow him if he shows a shred of doubt.

13. What does Longstreet contemplate when he realizes the battle is lost?
(a) Finding Lee and yelling at him.
(b) Committing suicide by walking toward the enemy.
(c) Changing sides and fighting for the North.
(d) Going home and leaving the war behind.

14. Why does Fremantle say the English have not entered the war?
(a) They will not fight to support slavery.
(b) They don't have the resources.
(c) They believe the North will win in the end.
(d) They are engaged in their own war with France.

15. What does Chamberlain hope to get for his men very soon?
(a) New horses
(b) Medals of Honor
(c) Food
(d) New uniforms

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these is NOT something Chamberlain thinks about his men?

2. What does Chamberlain think will happen if the South wins?

3. Whose absence is once again affecting the Confederate troops?

4. What does Chamberlain think about the ground they're holding?

5. What concerns Armistead about this battle?

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