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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What action does Chamberlain take that haunts him afterward?
(a) He sends Tom into a gap to fill it.
(b) He shoots an enemy officer at point-blank range.
(c) He leaves Kilrain wounded on the battlefield.
(d) He sends his men to scavenge ammunition from the dead.

2. What does Chamberlain hope to get for his men very soon?
(a) Food
(b) Medals of Honor
(c) New horses
(d) New uniforms

3. How does the battle go for the Confederates?
(a) After a short time, they turn and run as a group.
(b) They are instantly stopped in their tracks.
(c) They sustain heavy casualties, yet they carry on.
(d) Against the odds, they begin to win.

4. What is Longstreet struggling with throughout the chapter?
(a) The loss of Stonewall Jackson.
(b) Losing faith in the abilities of his men.
(c) Fighting a war that is about slavery.
(d) His disagreement with Lee and whether or not to just follow orders.

5. Which of these is NOT a reason Longstreet gives for advising against a frontal assault?
(a) The enemy is well entrenched.
(b) His men will refuse.
(c) An attack would be uphill over open ground.
(d) The enemy has plenty of artillery.

6. What does Col. Vincent tell Chamberlain he must do?
(a) Keep his men hidden behind rocks to surprise the enemy.
(b) Not withdraw under any circumstances.
(c) Hold as long as he can but preserve his men.
(d) Send frequent messages to Vincent updating him on the progress of the battle.

7. What strange action does Chamberlain take under gunfire?
(a) He sends Tom to the front line.
(b) He runs to the rear.
(c) He charges on horseback, alone.
(d) He falls asleep.

8. In Chamberlain's mind, what takes away from the perfection of the fight?
(a) Getting wounded in the foot.
(b) Using Tom to plug the hole in the line.
(c) The heavy casualties his regiment suffered.
(d) Kilrain's wound taking him off the field.

9. What does Fremantle think of democracy?
(a) It will stand the test of time and spread throughout the world.
(b) It is an experiment that will ultimately fail.
(c) It is a noble idea.
(d) It should be brought to England.

10. What does Chamberlain think about the ground they're holding?
(a) It is a very good position and they can hold it for quite a while.
(b) One side of it is very weak.
(c) They would be better off finding another site altogether.
(d) It is an OK position, but with a little power, the Rebels will overtake them.

11. Which of these is NOT something Chamberlain thinks about his men?
(a) Those who remain are the best of the best.
(b) They would be better off under the command of someone else.
(c) Another battle like the one the day before, and the regiment will be gone.
(d) They deserve recognition for what they accomplished the day before.

12. What had Sickles done that causes difficulty for the Union?
(a) Removes his troops from battle.
(b) Swings his men around the Confederate troops to the south.
(c) Engages in battle without permission.
(d) Moves his troops down off the hill.

13. What does the Baptist minister say to Chamberlain about slavery?
(a) It is wrong according to the Bible and every man should fight it.
(b) There is nothing wrong with it provided the master treats the slave well.
(c) It is the mark of a doomed society.
(d) Chamberlain cannot understand it because he has never lived with the black man.

14. Why does Sykes want to see Chamberlain?
(a) To inquire after his casualties.
(b) To make sure he and his men had enough food.
(c) To promote him to a new command.
(d) To compliment him on his leadership the day before.

15. What keeps Armistead going?
(a) His love for his home and his country.
(b) His belief that the attack will be a success.
(c) His fear of being labeled a coward.
(d) His desire to see his wife again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Longstreet contemplate when he realizes the battle is lost?

2. What does Tom say about the battle the day before?

3. Which of these is NOT troubling Longstreet before this battle?

4. How does Pickett respond to his orders?

5. Whose advice has Lee taken regarding strategy?

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