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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pitzer tell Chamberlain about Meade?
(a) He is resigning his position.
(b) He is issuing new orders.
(c) He is the bravest man Pitzer had ever seen.
(d) He had wanted to retreat.

2. What does Chamberlain decide to do when his men run out of ammunition?
(a) Ride to Col. Vincent to request more ammunition.
(b) Show a white flag and surrender.
(c) Move his men to the right to join other troops.
(d) Fix bayonets and charge.

3. Whose absence is once again affecting the Confederate troops?
(a) Campbell
(b) Meade
(c) Law
(d) Stuart

4. What prediction does Hancock make about the Rebels?
(a) They will concentrate on the left.
(b) They will strike again, this time in the middle.
(c) They will retreat before noon.
(d) They will attack the right flank again.

5. When the South seceded, why did Lee give up his position in the U.S. military?
(a) He could not fight against his own people.
(b) He believed strongly in the cause of the South.
(c) His wife asked him to.
(d) He was about to be removed from power anyway.

6. What does Longstreet contemplate when he realizes the battle is lost?
(a) Changing sides and fighting for the North.
(b) Committing suicide by walking toward the enemy.
(c) Finding Lee and yelling at him.
(d) Going home and leaving the war behind.

7. How does Pickett respond to his orders?
(a) With excitement, but some doubts
(b) With some hesitation
(c) Soberly and somberly
(d) With great enthusiasm

8. What does Fremantle hope for after the war is over?
(a) An English victory over France.
(b) The destruction of the Northern government.
(c) The South will rejoin England.
(d) A position in the Confederate government.

9. What does Fremantle think the war is really about?
(a) States' rights
(b) Slavery
(c) Adaptation vs. rejection of European customs
(d) The superiority of those of English descent

10. How does Lee generally handle a battle?
(a) He joins the troops in the field and fights at the front of the troops.
(b) He gives his officers orders then lets them do the fighting.
(c) He retreats to headquarters and studies his Bible until the battle is over.
(d) He stays in contact with the officers and directs them several times a day.

11. What does Fremantle think of democracy?
(a) It is an experiment that will ultimately fail.
(b) It is a noble idea.
(c) It should be brought to England.
(d) It will stand the test of time and spread throughout the world.

12. Why does Sykes want to see Chamberlain?
(a) To promote him to a new command.
(b) To compliment him on his leadership the day before.
(c) To inquire after his casualties.
(d) To make sure he and his men had enough food.

13. Which of these is NOT something Chamberlain thinks about his men?
(a) Another battle like the one the day before, and the regiment will be gone.
(b) Those who remain are the best of the best.
(c) They would be better off under the command of someone else.
(d) They deserve recognition for what they accomplished the day before.

14. What strategy does Lee decide is the best course of action?
(a) Withdraw to higher ground and try to draw the enemy out in the open.
(b) Attack on the right as Longstreet suggested.
(c) Attack on the left where the enemy has already been weakened.
(d) Attack at the center and split the line in two.

15. How is Pettigrew of the Confederates like Chamberlain of the Union?
(a) They both have a brother serving under them.
(b) They are both from Maine.
(c) They are both intellectuals.
(d) They both are 34 years old.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chamberlain think about the ground they're holding?

2. What concerns Armistead about this battle?

3. How does Lee think one wins victories?

4. Where does Tom get the coffee that he brings to Chamberlain?

5. Where is Chamberlain's regiment sent?

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