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Michael Shaara
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Chamberlain say this war is different from other wars?
(a) People are fighting for land.
(b) People are fighting for women.
(c) People are fighting for other's freedom.
(d) People are fighting for money.

2. Who is described, upon his arrival, as looking "like a French king, all curls and feathers?"
(a) George Pickett
(b) Richard Garnett
(c) Arthur Fremantle
(d) Lewis Armistead

3. What is Longstreet's opinion of the South's invasion of the North?
(a) Should have happened much earlier.
(b) Will be difficult, but the South will eventually succeed.
(c) Was absolutely necessary.
(d) Should not take the offense when the enemy outnumbers you.

4. What response do Ewell and Early have to Longstreet's idea of moving the troops in between Meade and Washington?
(a) They think it is the mark of Longstreet's cowardice.
(b) They think it would hurt morale.
(c) They think it should be followed immediately.
(d) They think it bears consideration.

5. Why does Lee think there is an opportunity here?
(a) Meade will be cautious and slow to move.
(b) The Union Army was just defeated at Vicksburg.
(c) The Confederate Army is much stronger than the Union Army.
(d) Lee has just been given several thousand more troops.

6. How does it seem to Lee that the battle is progressing, as first Rodes and then Early engage in battle?
(a) It is just as he planned.
(b) It is happening beyond his control.
(c) It is well-organized, and victory is certain.
(d) It is haphazard, doomed to failure.

7. What is the difficulty Lee's army has with being in Pennsylvania?
(a) They cannot get messages to Confederacy headquarters.
(b) They are too far from their supply line.
(c) They have no maps of the state.
(d) They are now invaders of enemy territory.

8. Who has still not yet reported to Lee?
(a) Kemper
(b) Pickett
(c) Stuart
(d) Longstreet

9. What is Chamberlain told to do to the mutineers if they will not fight?
(a) Hang them.
(b) Shoot them.
(c) Court-martial them.
(d) Release them from the army.

10. Which of these is NOT a way Lee thinks of Reynolds?
(a) A friend
(b) A neat trim man
(c) A gentleman
(d) A dandy

11. How does Chamberlain get the mutineers' attention?
(a) Firing a shot in the air
(b) Speaking softly
(c) Blowing a bugle
(d) Waving a flag

12. Why does Sorrel not believe the spy?
(a) Reports from Stuart contradict the spy's information.
(b) Another spy gave different information.
(c) The spy has given them false information in the past.
(d) There would have been word earlier if his information were true.

13. What message does Reynolds send to his commanders?
(a) Get between Gettysburg and Washington, D.C., to prevent further movement north by the Rebels.
(b) Start to gather your troops and await further messages.
(c) Do nothing until you receive orders from Meade.
(d) Come to Gettysburg with all possible speed.

14. What happens just before dawn when the battle is about to begin?
(a) A misty rain begins to fall.
(b) There is a shower of shooting stars.
(c) Lightning strikes a tree on a hill.
(d) The moon sets in a reddish haze.

15. What is Reynolds bringing with him?
(a) The First and Eleventh Corps
(b) No one. He could not spare the troops
(c) A division of infantry
(d) One brigade

Short Answer Questions

1. Buford looks for ___________.

2. What scent directs Buford to headquarters?

3. What memory does Chamberlain have of his brother, Tom, in childhood?

4. Who arrives at headquarters?

5. What news does the spy have for Longstreet?

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