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Michael Shaara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday, July 3, 1863, Chapter 5, Longstreet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What difficulty faces Longstreet?
(a) His horse lames himself, and Longstreet has to find another one.
(b) He cannot focus on the battle because he keeps thinking about his dead children.
(c) His men lose confidence in his leadership and refuse to fight.
(d) Not knowing the area well, he's forced to turn his troops around and lead a counter-march.

2. What does Corse find out about the young woman Buford has seen in town?
(a) She is a widow.
(b) She is a Southern sympathizer.
(c) Her husband is an undertaker.
(d) Her husband is a prisoner in a Southern camp.

3. What kind of relationship do Lee and Longstreet have?
(a) They are very close although Lee is very formal and Longstreet doesn't speak much.
(b) Lee admires Longstreet but Longstreet thinks Lee is too old for the job.
(c) They used to be very close until they had a disagreement over strategy.
(d) Longstreet is Lee's son-in-law.

4. What does Lee want Longstreet to do in battle?
(a) Be at the front of the charge.
(b) Lead his men from the cupola.
(c) Stay out of harm's way.
(d) Be responsible for keeping Lee updated on the battle's progression.

5. What is Reynolds bringing with him?
(a) No one. He could not spare the troops
(b) The First and Eleventh Corps
(c) One brigade
(d) A division of infantry

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes the Confederate troops turn back as they start to retreat?

2. What does Joseph Bucklin bring to Chamberlain?

3. Which of these is NOT a description of Stonewall Jackson as given by Longstreet to Fremantle?

4. Who is it the spy quotes to himself as he rides along?

5. Why does Longstreet stay up as late as possible?

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