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Michael Shaara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday, July 3, 1863, Chapter 2, Longstreet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Buford pause when writing for help?
(a) He does not want his superiors to think he cannot handle the battle.
(b) He has written for help before and it has never come.
(c) He has an argument with his superior and does not want to apologize.
(d) He has to think up a code in case the enemy got hold of the message.

2. What message does Reynolds send to his commanders?
(a) Start to gather your troops and await further messages.
(b) Come to Gettysburg with all possible speed.
(c) Do nothing until you receive orders from Meade.
(d) Get between Gettysburg and Washington, D.C., to prevent further movement north by the Rebels.

3. Which of these is NOT Fremantle's opinion of Lee?
(a) He is a gentleman.
(b) He is as good as an English general.
(c) He is overly virtuous.
(d) He has great forbears.

4. What does Marshall request of Longstreet?
(a) Ask Lee to court-martial Stuart.
(b) Speak to Lee on Stuart's behalf.
(c) Talk Lee into a frontal attack.
(d) Talk Lee into an attack on the right.

5. What is described as "that ripply sound that raised the hair, that high thin scream from far away... terrible, inhuman"?
(a) The scream of wounded horses
(b) The scream of wounded men
(c) The Rebel yell
(d) The scream of incoming cannon fire

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these is the prevailing opinion held by others about General Meade?

2. What is the situation when Reynolds arrives?

3. What is Reynolds bringing with him?

4. Which of these is NOT troubling Longstreet before this battle?

5. How does the battle continue without Reynolds?

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