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Michael Shaara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 5, Longstreet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is "The Cause" for Longstreet?
(a) States' rights
(b) Slavery
(c) Southern aristocracy
(d) Victory

2. How does Chamberlain get the mutineers' attention?
(a) Waving a flag
(b) Blowing a bugle
(c) Firing a shot in the air
(d) Speaking softly

3. Once the Union soldiers start retreating, what is Lee's goal?
(a) To go after the Union commanders to create fear in the infantry.
(b) To keep pushing to capture the hill.
(c) To force the Union out of Gettysburg entirely.
(d) To fall back to a stronghold outside of Gettysburg.

4. How does it seem to Lee that the battle is progressing, as first Rodes and then Early engage in battle?
(a) It is haphazard, doomed to failure.
(b) It is just as he planned.
(c) It is well-organized, and victory is certain.
(d) It is happening beyond his control.

5. Why is Kilrain only a private?
(a) He had picked a fight with an officer.
(b) He had refused promotion several times.
(c) He had only joined the army a few weeks earlier.
(d) He had stolen a horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chamberlain comes from the state of _________.

2. What feat does Buford accomplish at Thorofare Gap?

3. What disagreement does Buford encounter upon arriving at headquarters?

4. What scent directs Buford to headquarters?

5. Which of these countries is NOT represented at breakfast?

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