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Michael Shaara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday, July 3, 1863, Chapter 5, Longstreet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the internal conflict with which Lee struggles?
(a) He needs food for his men, but does not like to take it from civilians.
(b) He does not believe he is the right man to lead this army.
(c) He is certain that battle will mean death for many of his soldiers.
(d) He is attacking land he had once sworn to defend.

2. How does Lee think one wins victories?
(a) By attacking with courage and with faith.
(b) By coming up with clever strategies.
(c) By knowing when to attack and when to retreat.
(d) By knowing one's enemy better than one's friends.

3. Who arrives at headquarters?
(a) McClellan
(b) Chamberlain
(c) Longstreet
(d) Meade

4. Where is Buford's observation point at the start of the battle?
(a) From the base of the white angel
(b) From the cupola
(c) From a high tree
(d) From horseback on top of Cemetery Hill

5. What difficulty faces Longstreet?
(a) His horse lames himself, and Longstreet has to find another one.
(b) He cannot focus on the battle because he keeps thinking about his dead children.
(c) Not knowing the area well, he's forced to turn his troops around and lead a counter-march.
(d) His men lose confidence in his leadership and refuse to fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news about Gen. Ewell does Venable bring to Lee?

2. What news does Trimble bring to Lee?

3. How long does Buford hope to hold the Rebel soldiers at bay?

4. What order does Lee give to Ewell?

5. Which of these is NOT Fremantle's opinion of Lee?

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