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Michael Shaara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wednesday, July 1, 1863, The First Day, Chapter 3, Lee.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Chamberlain get the mutineers' attention?
(a) Speaking softly
(b) Waving a flag
(c) Firing a shot in the air
(d) Blowing a bugle

2. What message does Reynolds send to his commanders?
(a) Get between Gettysburg and Washington, D.C., to prevent further movement north by the Rebels.
(b) Come to Gettysburg with all possible speed.
(c) Start to gather your troops and await further messages.
(d) Do nothing until you receive orders from Meade.

3. How does the battle continue without Reynolds?
(a) The troops follow his orders, though he's not there to command.
(b) The Rebels start to gain control.
(c) The remaining commanders begin to argue about strategy.
(d) The Union soldiers quickly begin to fall apart.

4. What does Longstreet want Lee to do now that the Union army is retreating?
(a) Call a truce to discuss the Union's surrender.
(b) Interrogate the prisoners to find out the Union's overall strategy.
(c) Attack with all force.
(d) Disengage and move the troops between Gettysburg and D.C.

5. Why doesn't Lee believe there are Union cavalry in Gettysburg?
(a) Gettysburg is known to be sympathetic with the Southern cause.
(b) Cavalry travels behind infantry, not in front of it.
(c) The Union army has lost so many of its horses, it can no longer support a cavalry.
(d) He believes Stuart would have told him if the cavalry were arriving there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Armistead's friend in the Union army?

2. How does Lee calm his worries?

3. Chamberlain comes from the state of _________.

4. How is Gettysburg best described?

5. What happens just before dawn when the battle is about to begin?

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