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Michael Shaara
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Thursday, July 2, 1863, The Second Day, Chapter 2, Chamberlain.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Chamberlain about his interaction with the escaped slave?
(a) The slave's articulateness
(b) His own feelings of revulsion
(c) The similarity between them
(d) The instant feeling of brotherhood

2. What song of Dan Butterfield's becomes well known?
(a) His patriotic song now known as "The Star-Spangled Banner."
(b) His marching song now known as "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah."
(c) His lullaby now known as "Taps."
(d) His love song now known as "My Darlin' Clementine."

3. Where is Buford's observation point at the start of the battle?
(a) From the base of the white angel
(b) From a high tree
(c) From the cupola
(d) From horseback on top of Cemetery Hill

4. What is Reynolds bringing with him?
(a) A division of infantry
(b) One brigade
(c) The First and Eleventh Corps
(d) No one. He could not spare the troops

5. To whom does Buford once more send a message?
(a) Col. Vincent
(b) John Reynolds
(c) Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
(d) Gen. Meade

Short Answer Questions

1. What question continues to occasionally plague Chamberlain?

2. What does the Baptist minister say to Chamberlain about slavery?

3. Which of these is the prevailing opinion held by others about General Meade?

4. Why is the slave shot?

5. What memory does Chamberlain have of his brother, Tom, in childhood?

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