Objects & Places from The Killer Angels

Michael Shaara
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These trees are in bloom as the Confederates begin their march into Gettysburg. Many of the men eat these objects on their march and pay the price later.


These objects are long knives that attach to the barrel of a rifle. Chamberlain orders his men to use these objects on the second day of battle at Gettysburg when they begin to run low on ammunition.

The Seminary

This is a building with a tall cupola on the edge of Gettysburg. Buford uses this cupola to watch the approach of the Confederate soldiers on the first day of the battle.

'Kathleen Mavourneen'

This is a sad Irish ballad that someone in Longstreet's camp sings the night before the third day of the battle at Gettysburg.


Many of the men enjoy these objects from home in the hours before the battle at Gettysburg begins or reconvenes.

Armistead's Package for Mrs. Hancock

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