The Killer Angels Character Descriptions

Michael Shaara
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Robert Edward Lee

This character is the leader of the Confederate army as it approaches Gettysburg. He is torn between his vows to the army he once fought with and his loyalty to the home and family he cherishes. This character is the most beloved General in the history of American war.

James Longstreet

This character is a lieutenant general in the Confederate army. He is the commander's right hand, though he often disagrees with him about strategy.

Lewis Armistead

This character is a Brigadier General in command of one of George Pickett's brigades. He is a great friend of one of the generals on the Union side of the conflict and hopes that he does not have to face his friend on the battlefield. This character arranges for a package to be sent to his friend's wife at the time of his death. This character does not...

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