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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what strange place does Mrs. Grouch move her children?

2. Emma Lou has been helping her mother, Cilly, by...

3. How does Jerome manage to protect his food?

4. The cabin smells so bad, that Jerome decides to...

5. Who takes up caring for Mrs. Grouch's babies?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jerome consider taking a floorboard out?

2. What is different now about Emma Lou's dinner invitation?

3. To what is Jerome referring, when he tells Old Grouch, "I have missed much."

4. After carving Charmine's gravestone, what is Jerome inspired to do next? Why?

5. What breaks the ice between Jerome Kildee and Emma Lou Eppy?

6. What gives Jerome happiness in this first chapter of the story?

7. Discuss Jerome's camping experience.

8. What makes Emma so contentious and determined to battle with Donald Cabot?

9. Looking back at this chapter, what stands out as ironic, given the outcome of the story?

10. Jerome tells Old Grouch that he dealt with sad people. What was so sad about Jerome's profession?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the first real turning point in the story that bonds Kildee and Emma Lou, and drives an even more severe wedge between Emma Lou and Donald Cabot. What is the real source of Emma's and Jerome's grief? Why do they become so upset to lose one of the raccoons, when they have so many to enjoy? What qualities have they assigned to Charmine? Why do they not grieve, for example, the death of the pack rats who are killed by skunks?

Essay Topic 2

Is Jerome simply a former stonecutter? Discuss how his true talents come out in his old age, and what inspires him to become more creative. Why did he not use his creativity as much when he was working? What gap in his life might this new creativity fill?

Essay Topic 3

Jerome is able to bridge the gap between the two cultures of the Eppys and the Cabots. How does he do this? Is it inadvertent? From what social class is Jerome Kildee, himself?

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