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Rutherford George Montgomery
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the lifestyle change that Jerome makes when he moves to his hundred acres in the woods?

2. Jerome decides to use his stonecutter's tools to make...

3. Who is Ben Eppy?

4. Jerome is a bit worried at the end of this chapter because...

5. How did Charmine punish the runt of her litter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the sense of mourning in the house over Charmine's demise.

2. Why is it nerve-wracking for Donald Roger to show up at Jerome's house in this chapter?

3. What do we learn in this chapter about Jerome's marital status?

4. What does Jerome assume about the status of Papa skunk when the new babies arrive?

5. Although Jerome has given up stonecutting, his reaction to making Charmine's gravestone is interesting. Discuss what might be happening in this regard.

6. Although Jerome is proud of the fireplace he built, he has walled up his stonemason's tools inside. Discuss why that might be.

7. What is different now about Emma Lou's dinner invitation?

8. Looking back at this chapter, what stands out as ironic, given the outcome of the story?

9. What gives Jerome happiness in this first chapter of the story?

10. After carving Charmine's gravestone, what is Jerome inspired to do next? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Emma Lou and Donald bring a lot of tension and worry to Jerome's formerly peaceful life. Identify it and describe what it is that causes him to be "fussed" much of the time. Is their friendship worth it to Jerome? How do they add to his life? What do they take from his life?

Essay Topic 2

Based upon the date the story was written, speculate the origins of the Eppy family. Could they have been refugees from the dust bowl disaster? Consider Emma Lou's propensity to carry on a feud, as well as her family yell. Compose a fictional account of the Eppys' journey to northern California.

Essay Topic 3

Why does Emma Lou seem to want all of these animals to be at Jerome's? Rather than chasing them away, she wants the families to have nests, and even secretly wants Monarch to live with him. Explore the passages in the story where the author makes it obvious that Emma Lou is encouraging this awkward situation. Is this totally self-centered on her part? Does she care about what Jerome wants?

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