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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Emma Lou gets out her pencil and seven cylinders to...
(a) Show off the tricks she has taught to the skunks
(b) Give the skunks some stepping stones
(c) Draw a plan for another statute
(d) Draw perfect circles on the floor

2. On one of his visits, Donald brought...
(a) A hamster wheel
(b) A raccoon trap
(c) A rabbit trap
(d) A squirrel cage

3. As a team effort, Donald and Emma Lou share the task of...
(a) Mashing the potatoes
(b) Gathering up corn cobs
(c) Setting the table
(d) Husking the corn and feeding the raccoons

4. Jerome knows now that he must do something about...
(a) The feud between the neighbors
(b) The growing animal population
(c) The skunks' eating habits
(d) Emma Lou's frequent visits

5. Emma Lou gives Jerome a present for Christmas that...
(a) She has made for him
(b) She carved from stone
(c) She bought for him in town
(d) She traded her beany for

Short Answer Questions

1. Emma Lou wants Jerome to think that the Christmas party...

2. Emma has to convince Officer Hinkle that...

3. Emma Lou wants to take her statue of Old Grouch...

4. Jerome decides to give Emma...

5. Emma Lou arrives with the news that...

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Monarch respond to his new freedom? Is he typical of a deer?

2. Why does Donald choose to go to the country school where Emma goes? Does he have hidden motives?

3. What can the reader deduce about Jerome's cooking skills? Why?

4. Discus Jerome's developing attitude toward Donald. Why does he not go ahead and welcome Donald to come visit?

5. What becomes clear about Donald's need to compete with Emma Lou? What is his problem with her?

6. When Emma proves that Monarch's mother was killed by a lion, how does she react? How does she feel about her reaction?

7. Why is Jerome feeling stressful?

8. Jerome is more comfortable with Emma Lou and Donald now. Why?

9. Discuss Emma Lou's response to the discovery that Donald has been visiting Jerome. How is Jerome affected?

10. Why does Jerome decide to give Emma money for Christmas, rather than a gift?

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