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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. His mood lifted, Jerome asks Donald to...
(a) Smoke a pipe with him
(b) Stay on for the evening
(c) Come for dinner the next night
(d) Bring more food to him

2. On one of his visits, Donald brought...
(a) A squirrel cage
(b) A rabbit trap
(c) A hamster wheel
(d) A raccoon trap

3. Jerome cleans up spots on the floor with...
(a) Clorox
(b) A broom
(c) Soap
(d) His vacuum

4. During the school year, Emma Lou and Donald Roger...
(a) Do homework together
(b) Make peace with one another
(c) Continue with their feuding
(d) Visit Jerome together

5. The weather for Jerome's Christmas party is...
(a) Snowy
(b) Clear and cold
(c) Sunny and warm
(d) Rainy

Short Answer Questions

1. Emma sees the corn cobs on the floor and...

2. Officer Hinkle pays Jerome a visit because...

3. To find out about shipping the animals, Donald has written to...

4. Emma recognizes that Donald has...

5. Although Emma Lou wants to buy boots with her money, her mother wants her to...

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Jerome's scheme. Was he taking a risk? Why, or why not?

2. Why does Donald choose to go to the country school where Emma goes? Does he have hidden motives?

3. Discus Jerome's developing attitude toward Donald. Why does he not go ahead and welcome Donald to come visit?

4. Discuss what Emma has managed to teach the skunks to do as tricks.

5. Why are Jerome Kildee's nerves frayed at this time? There is more than one reason.

6. What becomes clear about Donald's need to compete with Emma Lou? What is his problem with her?

7. How do Jim Hinkle and Jerome become friends?

8. Discuss Emma Lou's response to the discovery that Donald has been visiting Jerome. How is Jerome affected?

9. What can the reader deduce about Jerome's cooking skills? Why?

10. Discuss Donald's idea for solving Jerome's animal population explosion.

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