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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The spotted skunks that Jerome has in his care at this time...
(a) Are not the right breed for zoos
(b) Are not enough to meet the demands
(c) Are too precious to sell
(d) Are too many for the zoos

2. Emma Lou promises to return at 7 p.m. to...
(a) Put the animals to bed
(b) Eat Christmas dinner
(c) Finish decorating
(d) Put candles on the tree and light them

3. Emma asks Jerome if she can fix...
(a) A piece of venison for the brood
(b) His cabinet openers
(c) A slice of toast for him
(d) An egg and bacon for herself

4. Jerome knows now that he must do something about...
(a) The growing animal population
(b) The skunks' eating habits
(c) Emma Lou's frequent visits
(d) The feud between the neighbors

5. The skunks startle and run out the door when...
(a) The men get up from their chairs
(b) The Eppy men laugh over their tricks
(c) The Eppy men begin talking loudly
(d) A huge fire is set in the fireplace

Short Answer Questions

1. For Christmas presents, Jerome...

2. On one of his visits, Donald brought...

3. During the school year, Emma Lou and Donald Roger...

4. Jerome thinks Emma may suspect that...

5. Why does Donald not want to fight with Emma Lou?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Jim Hinkle and Jerome become friends?

2. What does Jerome seem to realize after Donald's appearance in this chapter? Why does he invited him for dinner?

3. Emma Lou's life is busier than today's students'. Describe her day and compare it to your own.

4. Discuss the pipe smoking among the Eppy men. Would this seem unusual today?

5. What becomes clear about Donald's need to compete with Emma Lou? What is his problem with her?

6. How does Monarch respond to his new freedom? Is he typical of a deer?

7. Why does Jerome decide to give Emma money for Christmas, rather than a gift?

8. Why has Donald come to visit Jerome?

9. Why does Donald choose to go to the country school where Emma goes? Does he have hidden motives?

10. Discuss Jerome's scheme. Was he taking a risk? Why, or why not?

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