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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Emma Lou has been eating quite a bit of...
(a) Chicken
(b) Venison
(c) Fresh bread
(d) Rabbit meat

2. For the first time in many years, Jerome...
(a) Feels the Christmas spirit
(b) Wants to be alone
(c) Wishes for company
(d) Is depressed

3. Donald stops in a thicket to stare at Emma Lou because...
(a) He wants to intimidate her
(b) Realizes she has won
(c) Is afraid she will chase him
(d) He admires her yell

4. Although Emma Lou wants to buy boots with her money, her mother wants her to...
(a) Take the family on a trip
(b) Buy a winter coat
(c) Buy dresses and wear them
(d) Save the money

5. When the animals are taken away, Jerome will...
(a) Only keep Mama skunk
(b) Hold on to Papa, Mama and Old Grouch
(c) Give Old Grouch to Emma
(d) Give them all away gladly

Short Answer Questions

1. Emma asks Jerome if she can fix...

2. Jerome prepares for the party by...

3. For the Christmas party, Jerome is expecting...

4. During the school year, Emma Lou and Donald Roger...

5. All of the Eppy men, including young Ben, decide to ...

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Emma Lou's response to the discovery that Donald has been visiting Jerome. How is Jerome affected?

2. Why are Jerome Kildee's nerves frayed at this time? There is more than one reason.

3. Is there some symbolism in Jerome experiencing the huge storm that moved his redwood tree?

4. How does Monarch respond to his new freedom? Is he typical of a deer?

5. Briefly summarize up the happy-ending pieces to this story.

6. Jerome is more comfortable with Emma Lou and Donald now. Why?

7. When Emma proves that Monarch's mother was killed by a lion, how does she react? How does she feel about her reaction?

8. Why is Jerome feeling stressful?

9. What becomes clear about Donald's need to compete with Emma Lou? What is his problem with her?

10. Discuss Donald's idea for solving Jerome's animal population explosion.

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