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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes up caring for Mrs. Grouch's babies?
(a) Jerome
(b) Papa
(c) Old Grouch
(d) Emma

2. How do Mr. and Mrs. Grouch respond to Jerome's talking?
(a) They fall to sleep
(b) They begin to sing
(c) They quietly leave the house
(d) They become frightened

3. How does Jerome manage to protect his food?
(a) He puts everything under lock and key
(b) He trains the animals to stay out of the cupboards
(c) He puts his food in a safe
(d) He makes latches that can be opened by pulling a string

4. Jerome begins to be aware of the fact that...
(a) The animal population in his house is going to grow
(b) Winter is coming on
(c) Emma Lou is becoming a constant visitor
(d) His house desperately needs cleaning

5. Emma tries to teach the raccoons, using...
(a) Bacon and eggs
(b) A piece of abalone shell
(c) A stick and chair
(d) Brute force

Short Answer Questions

1. What tasty dessert did Jerome make for Emma Lou?

2. What is unique about Jerome's front wndow?

3. Emma Lou probably gets her tough-guy attitude from...

4. To what does Jerome compare the pack rats' clumping noise?

5. Emma saves an orphaned deer from being killed by...

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Jerome is proud of the fireplace he built, he has walled up his stonemason's tools inside. Discuss why that might be.

2. Discuss the sense of mourning in the house over Charmine's demise.

3. After carving Charmine's gravestone, what is Jerome inspired to do next? Why?

4. What makes Jerome feel better about the lonesomeness of his home?

5. Something new about Emma Lou comes out in this chapter. Discuss the revelation.

6. Why does Jerome consider taking a floorboard out?

7. What gives Jerome happiness in this first chapter of the story?

8. Looking back at this chapter, what stands out as ironic, given the outcome of the story?

9. What can we assume about Emma, based on her trip through the blackberry patch and her prized beany?

10. Why does Strong Heart come barking toward Jerome's house? What happens to him?

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