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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jerome secretly assumes that the Eppy family has...
(a) Too many children
(b) Many hounds for hunting
(c) A criminal background
(d) Been poaching deer

2. How does Old Grouch demonstrate his indifference as a parent?
(a) He eats the babies' food
(b) He chooses to care for Ma and Pa's babies
(c) He takes over the babies' nest for himself
(d) He leaves the cabin

3. Emma Lou does not tell Jerome that she and Ben..
(a) Sicced a hound on the lion
(b) Killed the mountain lion
(c) Saw the lion in town
(d) Spent a long time hunting the lion

4. Jerome begins to be aware of the fact that...
(a) Winter is coming on
(b) Emma Lou is becoming a constant visitor
(c) His house desperately needs cleaning
(d) The animal population in his house is going to grow

5. Emma saves an orphaned deer from being killed by...
(a) Strong Heart
(b) Roger Donald
(c) Raccoons
(d) A cougar

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jerome feel about the woodland animals?

2. What appeals to Jerome about Emma?

3. Moving Runt's box requires Jerome to...

4. The Eppy house was located...

5. Who is Ben Eppy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What might Jerome mean when he tells Old Grouch that he was "licked" when he arrived here?

2. What do we learn in this chapter about Jerome's marital status?

3. Something new about Emma Lou comes out in this chapter. Discuss the revelation.

4. What makes Emma so contentious and determined to battle with Donald Cabot?

5. Why is it nerve-wracking for Donald Roger to show up at Jerome's house in this chapter?

6. Although Jerome is proud of the fireplace he built, he has walled up his stonemason's tools inside. Discuss why that might be.

7. How does Jerome deal with the rats who have nested in his wall?

8. Jerome tells Old Grouch that he dealt with sad people. What was so sad about Jerome's profession?

9. What does Jerome gather from Old Grouch's behavior while the baby skunks are under the house? What might his conclusions reveal about his own past?

10. What gives Jerome happiness in this first chapter of the story?

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