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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Jerome compare the pack rats' clumping noise?
(a) A thundercloud
(b) A small train
(c) Kettle drums
(d) A man on stilts

2. The Eppy house was located...
(a) In the local suburbs
(b) Closer to town
(c) In a grove of redwoods
(d) In a pasture below the mountains

3. Emma Lou's intention is to use her rifle to...
(a) Frighten Donald Roger away for good
(b) Poach deer for her family
(c) Protect Jerome from Donald Roger
(d) Shoot Donald Roger's dog

4. Who is Emma Lou Eppy?
(a) A hunter who stops by to visit
(b) A park ranger who keeps an eye on the property
(c) A college student who is studying Jerome Kildee
(d) The only girl in the neighboring Eppy family of nine

5. Why did Donald Roger pay a visit to Jerome?
(a) To look at the inside of the cabin
(b) To discuss Emma Lou's rage toward him
(c) To pay him for the racoon his dog killed
(d) To get some ideas for building a shack

Short Answer Questions

1. What made Emma Lou finally decide to go to Jerome's door?

2. Emma feels that Roger Donald is...

3. What name did Emma Lou and Jerome assign to Mrs. Grouch?

4. Jerome secretly assumes that the Eppy family has...

5. What change does Jerome make in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Grouch?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Emma Lou, initially, want to pay a visit to Jerome?

2. Jerome tells Old Grouch that he dealt with sad people. What was so sad about Jerome's profession?

3. What breaks the ice between Jerome Kildee and Emma Lou Eppy?

4. What makes Jerome feel better about the lonesomeness of his home?

5. Why does Jerome consider taking a floorboard out?

6. Although Jerome has given up stonecutting, his reaction to making Charmine's gravestone is interesting. Discuss what might be happening in this regard.

7. Discuss Jerome's camping experience.

8. Donald is spying on Jerome Kildee's house from the woods. What might this tell us about the time of history in which the book was written?

9. Write a short essay about the subtle clues regarding Jerome's life. This is something of a fantasy story, but there are real life elements that are only mentioned in passing. What are they, and what do they indicate?

10. What can we assume about Emma, based on her trip through the blackberry patch and her prized beany?

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