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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jerome is a bit worried at the end of this chapter because...
(a) Old Grouch has not awakened
(b) His pack rats have gone silent
(c) The baby skunks are under the bed
(d) The baby raccoons have not returned

2. How is Jerome able to tolerate skunks in the house?
(a) They listen to him talk
(b) They are polite and do not want to stay
(c) They do not use their weapons on him
(d) They keep him warm at night

3. The figure of Charmine on the stone looks like Charmine when she...
(a) Peeked over the edge of her box at Jerome
(b) Stalked prey for food
(c) Tried to wake Jerome in the morning for breakfast
(d) Went on guard to protect her babies

4. Who is Ben Eppy?
(a) Emma's father
(b) The Eppys' youngest son
(c) Emma's brother in law
(d) An uncle to Emma

5. Jerome secretly assumes that the Eppy family has...
(a) Too many children
(b) A criminal background
(c) Been poaching deer
(d) Many hounds for hunting

Short Answer Questions

1. What drew Cilly to the ramshackle house in the grove?

2. Emma Lou has moved away from her childhood dreams of...

3. How does Mr. Grouch get in and out of the house?

4. The hungry fawn is very attracted to...

5. Who takes up caring for Mrs. Grouch's babies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Emma so contentious and determined to battle with Donald Cabot?

2. Discuss Ben's visit to Jerome. What do we learn about the Eppys and Ben in this chapter?

3. Although Jerome has given up stonecutting, his reaction to making Charmine's gravestone is interesting. Discuss what might be happening in this regard.

4. Why does Jerome consider taking a floorboard out?

5. Why does Strong Heart come barking toward Jerome's house? What happens to him?

6. After carving Charmine's gravestone, what is Jerome inspired to do next? Why?

7. What does Jerome assume about the status of Papa skunk when the new babies arrive?

8. Something new about Emma Lou comes out in this chapter. Discuss the revelation.

9. What can we learn about the Eppy family, based on the description of their arrival at the redwood grove which would become their home?

10. When Jerome wakes up, the little fawn is hungry. What makes this passage humorous?

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