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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Emma Lou does not tell Jerome that she and Ben..
(a) Saw the lion in town
(b) Spent a long time hunting the lion
(c) Killed the mountain lion
(d) Sicced a hound on the lion

2. How does Jerome feel about carving a headstone for Charmine?
(a) He is too sad to do much work on it
(b) He thinks it is unnecessary
(c) He is frustrated over his diminishing skill
(d) He is eager, and happy to be working

3. What change does Jerome make in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Grouch?
(a) He sleeps better when they are there
(b) He fixes better meals so he can share with them
(c) He begins to talk about himself and his past
(d) He learns how to sing like animals

4. What is the lifestyle change that Jerome makes when he moves to his hundred acres in the woods?
(a) He relies on others for food
(b) He becomes a land realtor
(c) He chops wood for a living
(d) He no longer works

5. What is the fate of Mrs. Grouch?
(a) She finds a home on a different property
(b) Stronheart kills her
(c) She has more children
(d) She leaves and never returns

Short Answer Questions

1. Mama and Papa are taking their babies out at night to...

2. Emma's choice of clothing, instead of frilly dresses, was...

3. Papa and Mama bring their baby skunks to Jerome for...

4. How did Charmine punish the runt of her litter?

5. How is Jerome able to tolerate skunks in the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write a short essay about the subtle clues regarding Jerome's life. This is something of a fantasy story, but there are real life elements that are only mentioned in passing. What are they, and what do they indicate?

2. Although Jerome has given up stonecutting, his reaction to making Charmine's gravestone is interesting. Discuss what might be happening in this regard.

3. What makes Emma so contentious and determined to battle with Donald Cabot?

4. There is a telling sentence about Jerome's relationships with women in the description of Emma Lou. Do a close reading and discuss some possible meanings.

5. After carving Charmine's gravestone, what is Jerome inspired to do next? Why?

6. Why would a person use a store window for the front of his home?

7. Although Jerome is proud of the fireplace he built, he has walled up his stonemason's tools inside. Discuss why that might be.

8. Something new about Emma Lou comes out in this chapter. Discuss the revelation.

9. Discuss Jerome's camping experience.

10. Jerome tells Old Grouch that he dealt with sad people. What was so sad about Jerome's profession?

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