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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do we know about Jerome's past?
(a) He has not been able to connect with people
(b) He was married for years
(c) He was a happy man
(d) He has been a mediocre stone cutter

2. Why does Jerome take his tools out of the wall?
(a) To stabilize his front door
(b) To fix the wall damaged by packrats
(c) To secure his home from Strong Heart
(d) To make a headstone for Charmine

3. Another food source for the skunks is...
(a) Butterflies
(b) Rats
(c) Baby raccoons
(d) Rodents

4. A luxury Jerome enjoys now that he is retired is...
(a) Working at his own pace
(b) Lying in bed after he is awake
(c) Living in his pajamas
(d) Dessert

5. How does Jerome feel about carving a headstone for Charmine?
(a) He is eager, and happy to be working
(b) He is frustrated over his diminishing skill
(c) He is too sad to do much work on it
(d) He thinks it is unnecessary

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jerome feel about Emma arming herself with a rifle?

2. Emma Lou does not tell Jerome that she and Ben..

3. Emma Lou has been helping her mother, Cilly, by...

4. Runt's new partner is...

5. Emma Lou's mother is...

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Jerome is proud of the fireplace he built, he has walled up his stonemason's tools inside. Discuss why that might be.

2. Jerome tells Old Grouch that he dealt with sad people. What was so sad about Jerome's profession?

3. What does Jerome assume about the status of Papa skunk when the new babies arrive?

4. How does Emma Lou know the mountain lion is gone? Why doesn't she tell Jerome?

5. Why is it nerve-wracking for Donald Roger to show up at Jerome's house in this chapter?

6. What is different now about Emma Lou's dinner invitation?

7. Why would a person use a store window for the front of his home?

8. What gives Jerome happiness in this first chapter of the story?

9. What breaks the ice between Jerome Kildee and Emma Lou Eppy?

10. When Jerome wakes up, the little fawn is hungry. What makes this passage humorous?

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