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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jerome is waiting for Emma Lou to...
(a) Present him with a gift
(b) Tell him what she has gotten him for Christmas
(c) Hint about what she wants for Christmas
(d) Say she does not want a present

2. Why does Donald not want to fight with Emma Lou?
(a) He is afraid of hurting her
(b) He doesn't want a scene
(c) He knows she is stronger than him
(d) He would never live it down

3. Jerome emphasizes that it is not polite to fight when one is...
(a) A skunk
(b) A guest
(c) So young
(d) A raccoon

4. When the children leave together, Jerome realizes that...
(a) They are better kids than he thought
(b) His plan for peace between them has worked
(c) The two are actually in love
(d) His world is about to change

5. Emma Lou has been eating quite a bit of...
(a) Fresh bread
(b) Chicken
(c) Venison
(d) Rabbit meat

6. As a team effort, Donald and Emma Lou share the task of...
(a) Husking the corn and feeding the raccoons
(b) Mashing the potatoes
(c) Gathering up corn cobs
(d) Setting the table

7. Jerome realizes that, secretly, that...
(a) He wants the deer in the house
(b) He likes Donald Roger
(c) He needs some quiet time
(d) He is very lonely

8. All of the Eppy men, including young Ben, decide to ...
(a) Smoke a pipe
(b) Rest for a while
(c) Enjoy the tree
(d) Interrogate Jerome

9. Emma Lou gives Jerome a present for Christmas that...
(a) She carved from stone
(b) She bought for him in town
(c) She traded her beany for
(d) She has made for him

10. Donald agrees to think about...
(a) How to find Monarch
(b) A solution to the feuding
(c) How to fix Emma Lou
(d) How to solve Jerome's animal problem

11. Emma recognizes that Donald has...
(a) Grown to love the wild animals
(b) Done a lot of work on this problem
(c) A lot of money
(d) Helped Jerome in the past

12. Donald apologizes to Jerome for having been...
(a) Jealous
(b) Noisy
(c) Nasty
(d) Late

13. So far, Donald's magazine ads have...
(a) Brought in offers from hunters
(b) Expired
(c) Been useful in the search
(d) Yielded no results

14. Jerome is weary from...
(a) Visits from Emma Lou and Donald
(b) The chaos of so many animals in the house
(c) Working on stone projects
(d) Building new nests for the animals

15. Emma Lou promises to return at 7 p.m. to...
(a) Finish decorating
(b) Eat Christmas dinner
(c) Put candles on the tree and light them
(d) Put the animals to bed

Short Answer Questions

1. Emma Lou and Donald...

2. Emma Lou and Jerome decide to...

3. Jerome turns Monarch's corral into...

4. Regarding the Eppys' long walk home,...

5. Emma Lou wants to take her statue of Old Grouch...

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