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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jerome appreciates that the Eppys...
(a) Are an outspoken bunch
(b) Walked a mile in the rain to his house
(c) Left their boots outside
(d) Like his animals

2. Donald is not proud of himself regarding...
(a) His mean dogs
(b) The death of Mrs. Grouch
(c) Officer Hinkle's visit
(d) His deer hunting

3. When she arrives for dinner, Emma Lou...
(a) Is moody and depressed
(b) Is jolly and full of jokes
(c) Seems more like her old self
(d) Is cold and distant

4. Jerome remembers how Mrs. Grouch...
(a) Kept her babies outside
(b) Always returned her babies to the oven
(c) Encouraged her babies to sleep under the bed
(d) Cuddled her babies in her nest

5. The Eppys have brought with them to Jerome's house...
(a) Sandwiches
(b) Moonshine
(c) Large baskets of food
(d) A side of venison

6. Emma Lou gives Jerome a present for Christmas that...
(a) She bought for him in town
(b) She has made for him
(c) She carved from stone
(d) She traded her beany for

7. On one of his visits, Donald brought...
(a) A rabbit trap
(b) A raccoon trap
(c) A squirrel cage
(d) A hamster wheel

8. The spotted skunks that Jerome has in his care at this time...
(a) Are not enough to meet the demands
(b) Are not the right breed for zoos
(c) Are too precious to sell
(d) Are too many for the zoos

9. Jerome is somewhat concerned when...
(a) A hurricane approaches
(b) The wind moves his redwood tree
(c) The rain drenches his yard
(d) The animals become rowdy

10. Jerome is waiting for Emma Lou to...
(a) Hint about what she wants for Christmas
(b) Say she does not want a present
(c) Tell him what she has gotten him for Christmas
(d) Present him with a gift

11. Emma Lou wants Jerome to think that the Christmas party...
(a) Will be small and cozy
(b) Is the only one she will attend
(c) Will be no trouble
(d) Is just for the animals

12. To keep Monarch out of the house, Jerome ...
(a) Puts him on a leash
(b) Builds a gate for the doorway
(c) Withholds his food
(d) Scolds him loudly

13. Emma Lou and Donald...
(a) Can't let go of a grudge
(b) Will always be angry at one another
(c) Are Jerome's caretakers
(d) Have become good friends

14. Why is Jerome not enjoying the spring weather?
(a) He has too many animals
(b) He likes winter
(c) He is lonely
(d) He has allergies

15. As food for the raccoons, Donald has brought...
(a) Chicken scraps
(b) Green corn
(c) Canned corn
(d) Fresh eggs

Short Answer Questions

1. The skunks are wanted by...

2. All of the Eppy men, including young Ben, decide to ...

3. Jerome is weary from...

4. At the table, Emma Lou and Donald gently argue about...

5. His mood lifted, Jerome asks Donald to...

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