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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Emma Lou gets out her pencil and seven cylinders to...
(a) Give the skunks some stepping stones
(b) Draw a plan for another statute
(c) Draw perfect circles on the floor
(d) Show off the tricks she has taught to the skunks

2. Responses to Donald's ads have resulted in...
(a) Requests for interviews with Jerome
(b) A fad of raising skunks at home
(c) Placement for all the raccoons
(d) Requests for adoption of Emma Lou

3. Donald is not proud of himself regarding...
(a) Officer Hinkle's visit
(b) His deer hunting
(c) The death of Mrs. Grouch
(d) His mean dogs

4. The Eppys want to come to Jerome's because...
(a) They are great neighbors
(b) They want to be free to poach on his land
(c) They want a Christmas gift
(d) Emma and Ben have them curious

5. To keep Monarch out of the house, Jerome ...
(a) Withholds his food
(b) Puts him on a leash
(c) Scolds him loudly
(d) Builds a gate for the doorway

6. When the children leave together, Jerome realizes that...
(a) His world is about to change
(b) The two are actually in love
(c) His plan for peace between them has worked
(d) They are better kids than he thought

7. Jim Hinkle would like Jerome to ...
(a) Sell his work at the market
(b) Carve a statue of Monarch
(c) Carve a statue of himself
(d) Carve a statue of his dog

8. His mood lifted, Jerome asks Donald to...
(a) Stay on for the evening
(b) Smoke a pipe with him
(c) Come for dinner the next night
(d) Bring more food to him

9. Emma Lou arrives with the news that...
(a) She knows about Donald's visits
(b) She has an idea for the raccoons
(c) She has seen Monarch
(d) She has a new friend

10. Jerome cleans up spots on the floor with...
(a) Soap
(b) A broom
(c) His vacuum
(d) Clorox

11. Donald and Emma Lou are...
(a) Jealous of Old Grouch's attentions
(b) Set on training the animals
(c) Angry at Jerome for tricking them
(d) Surprised to see one another

12. Jerome is somewhat concerned when...
(a) A hurricane approaches
(b) The wind moves his redwood tree
(c) The rain drenches his yard
(d) The animals become rowdy

13. To find out about shipping the animals, Donald has written to...
(a) A zoo and fur farm
(b) United parcel service
(c) A crating company
(d) A sporting magazine

14. When she arrives for dinner, Emma Lou...
(a) Seems more like her old self
(b) Is moody and depressed
(c) Is cold and distant
(d) Is jolly and full of jokes

15. Donald shares his idea about...
(a) Selling the animals for fur
(b) Selling the animals for hunting
(c) Penning all the animals together
(d) Selling the animals to replenish wildlife

Short Answer Questions

1. To make sure there are no fur farmers among the buyers who want the animals,...

2. Jerome prepares for the party by...

3. Regarding the Eppys' long walk home,...

4. Emma has to convince Officer Hinkle that...

5. Jerome realizes that, secretly, that...

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