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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It worries Jerome that Donald might...
(a) Step on the baby raccoons
(b) Take away all the animals
(c) Encounter Emma Lou on his visits
(d) Report him again to Hinkle

2. Jim Hinkle wants Jerome to...
(a) Take Monarch into the woods
(b) Keep Monarch penned up
(c) Bring Monarch into the house
(d) Leave Monarch's gate open

3. Jerome is waiting for Emma Lou to...
(a) Say she does not want a present
(b) Hint about what she wants for Christmas
(c) Tell him what she has gotten him for Christmas
(d) Present him with a gift

4. When the animals are taken away, Jerome will...
(a) Hold on to Papa, Mama and Old Grouch
(b) Only keep Mama skunk
(c) Give them all away gladly
(d) Give Old Grouch to Emma

5. Jerome thinks Emma may suspect that...
(a) Ben and Donald have killed Monarch
(b) Ben has reported the Eppys'
(c) Monarch has left the area
(d) Donald and his dog found Monarch

6. Jerome turns Monarch's corral into...
(a) A new home for the pack rats
(b) A home for the skunks and their babies
(c) A shed for himself
(d) A new home for the raccoons

7. Responses to Donald's ads have resulted in...
(a) Requests for interviews with Jerome
(b) A fad of raising skunks at home
(c) Placement for all the raccoons
(d) Requests for adoption of Emma Lou

8. Through responses to his ads, Donald has learned that...
(a) Raccoons are in high demand
(b) Spotted skunks are nearly extinct
(c) People definitely don't want skunks
(d) There are a lot of skunk hunters

9. Emma asks Jerome if she can fix...
(a) A slice of toast for him
(b) An egg and bacon for herself
(c) A piece of venison for the brood
(d) His cabinet openers

10. Officer Hinkle pays Jerome a visit because...
(a) Donald Roger suspects Jerome of criminal behavior
(b) Emma Lou is out of hand
(c) Donald Roger called him about Monarch
(d) The neighbors have been complaining

11. Jerome cleans up spots on the floor with...
(a) A broom
(b) Soap
(c) His vacuum
(d) Clorox

12. Emma Lou has been eating quite a bit of...
(a) Venison
(b) Fresh bread
(c) Rabbit meat
(d) Chicken

13. Why is Jerome not enjoying the spring weather?
(a) He likes winter
(b) He has allergies
(c) He is lonely
(d) He has too many animals

14. For Christmas presents, Jerome...
(a) Lets the raccoons have the shiny tree ornaments
(b) Gives all the candles to the skunks
(c) Gives the animals to Emma Lou
(d) Lets the animals stay up late

15. As food for the raccoons, Donald has brought...
(a) Chicken scraps
(b) Fresh eggs
(c) Canned corn
(d) Green corn

Short Answer Questions

1. On one of his visits, Donald brought...

2. The Eppys have brought with them to Jerome's house...

3. Although Emma Lou wants to buy boots with her money, her mother wants her to...

4. Jerome prepares for the party by...

5. His mood lifted, Jerome asks Donald to...

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