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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Officer Hinkle pays Jerome a visit because...
(a) The neighbors have been complaining
(b) Emma Lou is out of hand
(c) Donald Roger suspects Jerome of criminal behavior
(d) Donald Roger called him about Monarch

2. The spotted skunks that Jerome has in his care at this time...
(a) Are too many for the zoos
(b) Are too precious to sell
(c) Are not enough to meet the demands
(d) Are not the right breed for zoos

3. Emma Lou has been eating quite a bit of...
(a) Venison
(b) Chicken
(c) Fresh bread
(d) Rabbit meat

4. Emma Lou wants Jerome to think that the Christmas party...
(a) Will be small and cozy
(b) Is the only one she will attend
(c) Is just for the animals
(d) Will be no trouble

5. While Jerome and Emma decorate the house,...
(a) Old Grouch eats the candles
(b) The skunk family ruins the Christmas tree
(c) The candles melt down
(d) Runt climbs the Christmas tree

6. Donald stops in a thicket to stare at Emma Lou because...
(a) He wants to intimidate her
(b) He admires her yell
(c) Realizes she has won
(d) Is afraid she will chase him

7. For the first time in many years, Jerome...
(a) Is depressed
(b) Wishes for company
(c) Wants to be alone
(d) Feels the Christmas spirit

8. Jerome turns Monarch's corral into...
(a) A new home for the raccoons
(b) A home for the skunks and their babies
(c) A shed for himself
(d) A new home for the pack rats

9. When the children leave together, Jerome realizes that...
(a) The two are actually in love
(b) His plan for peace between them has worked
(c) His world is about to change
(d) They are better kids than he thought

10. Emma Lou and Jerome decide to...
(a) Make popcorn
(b) Clear out the animals
(c) Clean the house
(d) Make sandwiches

11. Why does Donald not want to fight with Emma Lou?
(a) He is afraid of hurting her
(b) He knows she is stronger than him
(c) He would never live it down
(d) He doesn't want a scene

12. For Christmas presents, Jerome...
(a) Lets the animals stay up late
(b) Gives the animals to Emma Lou
(c) Lets the raccoons have the shiny tree ornaments
(d) Gives all the candles to the skunks

13. Jerome decides to give Emma...
(a) Ten dollars and his statue of Old Grouch
(b) Ten dollars and an ornament
(c) Ten dollars and dinner
(d) Ten dollars and Old Grouch

14. The Eppys include the parents, Emma Lou and...
(a) Two hounds
(b) Six brothers
(c) Four brothers
(d) Two sisters

15. For the Christmas party, Jerome is expecting...
(a) Monarch and his family
(b) Skunks and raccoons
(c) The entire Eppy family
(d) Donald Roger

Short Answer Questions

1. The skunks startle and run out the door when...

2. The skunks are wanted by...

3. Now out on his own, Monarch ...

4. Jim Hinkle wants Jerome to...

5. Emma sees the corn cobs on the floor and...

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