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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. So far, Donald's magazine ads have...
(a) Yielded no results
(b) Been useful in the search
(c) Brought in offers from hunters
(d) Expired

2. When the children leave together, Jerome realizes that...
(a) His world is about to change
(b) They are better kids than he thought
(c) The two are actually in love
(d) His plan for peace between them has worked

3. To find out about shipping the animals, Donald has written to...
(a) A crating company
(b) A sporting magazine
(c) United parcel service
(d) A zoo and fur farm

4. Jerome decides to give Emma...
(a) Ten dollars and dinner
(b) Ten dollars and his statue of Old Grouch
(c) Ten dollars and an ornament
(d) Ten dollars and Old Grouch

5. Emma Lou and Donald...
(a) Have become good friends
(b) Can't let go of a grudge
(c) Are Jerome's caretakers
(d) Will always be angry at one another

6. When the animals are taken away, Jerome will...
(a) Only keep Mama skunk
(b) Give them all away gladly
(c) Hold on to Papa, Mama and Old Grouch
(d) Give Old Grouch to Emma

7. Emma Lou wants Jerome to think that the Christmas party...
(a) Is the only one she will attend
(b) Will be no trouble
(c) Will be small and cozy
(d) Is just for the animals

8. Emma Lou wants to take her statue of Old Grouch...
(a) To put in her bedroom
(b) To take to school with her
(c) Because she misses him
(d) Because she is leaving for good

9. Jerome is weary from...
(a) The chaos of so many animals in the house
(b) Visits from Emma Lou and Donald
(c) Building new nests for the animals
(d) Working on stone projects

10. Responses to Donald's ads have resulted in...
(a) Requests for adoption of Emma Lou
(b) A fad of raising skunks at home
(c) Placement for all the raccoons
(d) Requests for interviews with Jerome

11. For Christmas presents, Jerome...
(a) Gives the animals to Emma Lou
(b) Gives all the candles to the skunks
(c) Lets the animals stay up late
(d) Lets the raccoons have the shiny tree ornaments

12. Officer Hinkle pays Jerome a visit because...
(a) Donald Roger suspects Jerome of criminal behavior
(b) The neighbors have been complaining
(c) Donald Roger called him about Monarch
(d) Emma Lou is out of hand

13. Jerome is waiting for Emma Lou to...
(a) Tell him what she has gotten him for Christmas
(b) Say she does not want a present
(c) Present him with a gift
(d) Hint about what she wants for Christmas

14. At the table, Emma Lou and Donald gently argue about...
(a) Poaching
(b) Hunting
(c) Gardening
(d) Her brothers

15. Through responses to his ads, Donald has learned that...
(a) People definitely don't want skunks
(b) There are a lot of skunk hunters
(c) Raccoons are in high demand
(d) Spotted skunks are nearly extinct

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jerome not enjoying the spring weather?

2. Donald and Emma Lou are...

3. For entertainment, Emma Lou...

4. Officer Hinkle stays on at Jerome's...

5. Jim Hinkle wants Jerome to...

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