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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Donald shares his idea about...
(a) Selling the animals for fur
(b) Penning all the animals together
(c) Selling the animals for hunting
(d) Selling the animals to replenish wildlife

2. The Eppys include the parents, Emma Lou and...
(a) Two sisters
(b) Four brothers
(c) Six brothers
(d) Two hounds

3. How is the raccoon feeding problem solved?
(a) Jerome discovers they like canned corn
(b) They leave the house to fend for themselves
(c) Emma Lou brings them fresh milk
(d) Jerome fixes them boiled eggs

4. When the animals are taken away, Jerome will...
(a) Give them all away gladly
(b) Give Old Grouch to Emma
(c) Hold on to Papa, Mama and Old Grouch
(d) Only keep Mama skunk

5. While Jerome and Emma decorate the house,...
(a) The candles melt down
(b) Runt climbs the Christmas tree
(c) The skunk family ruins the Christmas tree
(d) Old Grouch eats the candles

6. Jerome knows it is possible that, at some point...
(a) He will need to move out
(b) The raccoons and skunks will fight
(c) He will want to work again
(d) He will be too tired to feed the animals

7. Jerome seems now to be needing...
(a) More food
(b) More sunshine
(c) More sleep
(d) A housekeeper

8. Although Emma Lou wants to buy boots with her money, her mother wants her to...
(a) Save the money
(b) Buy a winter coat
(c) Take the family on a trip
(d) Buy dresses and wear them

9. Emma Lou has been eating quite a bit of...
(a) Fresh bread
(b) Rabbit meat
(c) Venison
(d) Chicken

10. Jerome's house seems ...
(a) Dark and dank
(b) Cold and unwelcoming
(c) More crowded than usual
(d) Unusually messy

11. Officer Hinkle pays Jerome a visit because...
(a) Donald Roger called him about Monarch
(b) The neighbors have been complaining
(c) Donald Roger suspects Jerome of criminal behavior
(d) Emma Lou is out of hand

12. Emma Lou wants to take her statue of Old Grouch...
(a) To take to school with her
(b) Because she is leaving for good
(c) To put in her bedroom
(d) Because she misses him

13. Emma Lou gives Jerome a present for Christmas that...
(a) She carved from stone
(b) She has made for him
(c) She bought for him in town
(d) She traded her beany for

14. Why does Donald not want to fight with Emma Lou?
(a) He is afraid of hurting her
(b) He knows she is stronger than him
(c) He would never live it down
(d) He doesn't want a scene

15. The original idea to pen the deer was that of ...
(a) Emma Lou's
(b) Ben's
(c) Jerome's
(d) Donald Roger's

Short Answer Questions

1. Through responses to his ads, Donald has learned that...

2. Emma Lou arrives with the news that...

3. Jerome needs a walk, but he sits, instead, because...

4. Donald and Emma Lou are...

5. Emma Lou gets out her pencil and seven cylinders to...

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