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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What made Emma Lou finally decide to go to Jerome's door?
(a) He smiled at her in the post office
(b) Her anger gave her the courage to go
(c) He invited her for lunch
(d) She liked the look of his front window

2. Emma Lou has been helping her mother, Cilly, by...
(a) Cooking breakfast
(b) Turning the washer ringer
(c) Scrubbing floors
(d) Hanging out clothes

3. After coffee and a smoke, Ben tells Jerome...
(a) He will help him any time
(b) Thanks for watching his sister
(c) He has to leave for school
(d) He wants to be part of the circus

4. Another food source for the skunks is...
(a) Butterflies
(b) Rats
(c) Baby raccoons
(d) Rodents

5. On what side of the nest does Mr. Grouch sleep?
(a) The side where the babies are
(b) The dry side
(c) The cushioned side
(d) The hard flat side

6. Emma Lou does not tell Jerome that she and Ben..
(a) Spent a long time hunting the lion
(b) Killed the mountain lion
(c) Saw the lion in town
(d) Sicced a hound on the lion

7. Jerome is happy to camp out, and it makes him feel...
(a) Respected
(b) Rugged
(c) Afraid
(d) Small

8. What is the history of Jerome's stonecutting business?
(a) His grandfather employed him
(b) He worked there as an apprentice for his uncle
(c) His grandfather and father had both owned it
(d) He was employed by the funeral home

9. Emma is teaching the young skunks to...
(a) Perform circus tricks
(b) Eat outdoors
(c) Hunt for their own food
(d) Form a single line

10. The Eppy house was located...
(a) In the local suburbs
(b) In a grove of redwoods
(c) Closer to town
(d) In a pasture below the mountains

11. How does Jerome feel about carving a headstone for Charmine?
(a) He is eager, and happy to be working
(b) He is too sad to do much work on it
(c) He thinks it is unnecessary
(d) He is frustrated over his diminishing skill

12. How does Mr. Grouch get in and out of the house?
(a) Jerome lets him in and out
(b) Jerome builds a small, swinging door for him
(c) He comes up from under the floor
(d) He learns how to knock on the door

13. Jerome thinks that Old Grouch is...
(a) Looking for Strong Heart
(b) Preparing to die
(c) Missing Emma Lou
(d) Pining for his wife

14. What does Emma Lou discover in the blackberry patch?
(a) A skunk
(b) A bobcat
(c) A raccoon
(d) A small fawn

15. Why does Emma Lou dislike the other neighbor, Donald?
(a) His dog kills wildlife
(b) He is cold to Jerome Kildee
(c) He is mean and aggressive
(d) He does not respect women

Short Answer Questions

1. During this first visit with Jerome, Emma Lou...

2. To what does Jerome compare the pack rats' clumping noise?

3. Papa's reaction to the sound of barking is to...

4. What are the raccoons doing that keeps Jerome awake all night?

5. Emma refers to her parents as...

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