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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Emma Lou discover in the blackberry patch?
(a) A small fawn
(b) A raccoon
(c) A skunk
(d) A bobcat

2. How does Emma Lou feel about Donald?
(a) She has a heartfelt desire to see him move away
(b) She wants to bump into him in the woods
(c) She is fascinated by him
(d) She feels rage toward him for letting his dog kill animals

3. What does Emma Lou do while she walks alone in the woods?
(a) She cries
(b) She thinks about things
(c) She makes up rhymes
(d) She hunts for owls

4. Strong Heart intends to eat Papa, however...
(a) Papa sprays him
(b) Papa cowers under the bed
(c) Papa runs faster
(d) Papa tricks him

5. To what strange place does Mrs. Grouch move her children?
(a) Jerome's oven
(b) Jerome's bed
(c) The bathroom
(d) The cupboard

6. Emma Lou probably gets her tough-guy attitude from...
(a) Having all brothers
(b) Going to a bad school
(c) Having mean parents
(d) Being raised in the woods

7. When the Eppy family arrived in the redwood forest, they were a family of
(a) Five
(b) Four
(c) Three
(d) Six

8. What is keeping Jerome awake at night?
(a) The skunks crying for food
(b) The sounds of the racoons
(c) Owls hooting overhead
(d) The noise from rats in the wall

9. How does Jerome feel about Emma arming herself with a rifle?
(a) He hopes it will help fend off Donald Roger
(b) He hopes she is a good shot
(c) He wants to see her hit her target
(d) It is worrisome to him

10. What drew Cilly to the ramshackle house in the grove?
(a) The smell of wildlife
(b) The ambience
(c) Big windows
(d) Wooden floors

11. Emma refers to her parents as...
(a) The bosses
(b) Job and Cilly
(c) The old folks
(d) Her jailers

12. For Jerome, camping out proves to be...
(a) A trying experience
(b) A peaceful break
(c) A pleasure
(d) A risky adventure

13. On what side of the nest does Mr. Grouch sleep?
(a) The cushioned side
(b) The hard flat side
(c) The dry side
(d) The side where the babies are

14. How do Mr. and Mrs. Grouch respond to Jerome's talking?
(a) They begin to sing
(b) They fall to sleep
(c) They quietly leave the house
(d) They become frightened

15. The Eppys like to have...
(a) Heavy suppers
(b) Tea
(c) Light meals
(d) Brunch

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jerome feel about the woodland animals?

2. To what does Jerome compare the pack rats' clumping noise?

3. Why does Emma Lou dislike the other neighbor, Donald?

4. By chewing up his letters, what do the mice accomplish for Jerome?

5. Why does Jerome check his fireplace before lighting a fire?

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