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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Emma's weapon of choice?
(a) A rock
(b) A gun
(c) A beany
(d) A spear

2. What appeals to Jerome about Emma?
(a) She is not a typical girl
(b) Her demure nature
(c) Her red hair
(d) Her laugh

3. What are Mr. Grouch's least agreeable characteristics?
(a) He is a slow mover
(b) He is fat and hungry
(c) He is selfish and lazy
(d) He sleeps all day

4. Jerome attempts to get the skunky smell out of the cabin by...
(a) Cooking a meal
(b) Lighting a pipe
(c) Leaving the door open
(d) Spraying ammonia

5. What change does Jerome make in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Grouch?
(a) He fixes better meals so he can share with them
(b) He sleeps better when they are there
(c) He learns how to sing like animals
(d) He begins to talk about himself and his past

6. On what side of the nest does Mr. Grouch sleep?
(a) The cushioned side
(b) The dry side
(c) The side where the babies are
(d) The hard flat side

7. Why does Jerome check his fireplace before lighting a fire?
(a) He wants to be sure the draft is right
(b) The family of spotted skunks may be hiding there
(c) A rat resides in the chimney
(d) He wants to be sure he has used up the wood from the last fire

8. After coffee and a smoke, Ben tells Jerome...
(a) He wants to be part of the circus
(b) Thanks for watching his sister
(c) He will help him any time
(d) He has to leave for school

9. Who is Amby?
(a) The youngest Eppy boy
(b) A boy from town
(c) A boy from school
(d) The oldest Eppy boy

10. How is Jerome able to tolerate skunks in the house?
(a) They listen to him talk
(b) They are polite and do not want to stay
(c) They keep him warm at night
(d) They do not use their weapons on him

11. Emma Lou has skills that Jerome does not have, including...
(a) Surviving through the winter
(b) Knowledge of how to get rid of skunk smell
(c) The ability to set up a camp
(d) Spelling and grammar

12. Who takes care of the noises in the wall?
(a) Ben
(b) Jerome
(c) The Eppys
(d) Papa

13. Emma Lou's mother is...
(a) Cilly
(b) Silly
(c) Sally
(d) Millie

14. What breed is Strong-Heart?
(a) Labrador
(b) Pit bull
(c) Collie
(d) Doberman

15. What is the fate of Mrs. Grouch?
(a) She finds a home on a different property
(b) Stronheart kills her
(c) She leaves and never returns
(d) She has more children

Short Answer Questions

1. The Eppys like to have...

2. What characteristic makes Jerome Kildee want to live in the middle of the forest?

3. What does Emma Lou use for a weapon?

4. Jerome decides to use his stonecutter's tools to make...

5. The Eppy house was located...

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