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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jerome is happy to camp out, and it makes him feel...
(a) Small
(b) Respected
(c) Rugged
(d) Afraid

2. What does Emma Lou do while she walks alone in the woods?
(a) She hunts for owls
(b) She makes up rhymes
(c) She thinks about things
(d) She cries

3. Where are Jerome's stonecutting tools?
(a) In a knot in the redwood tree
(b) Buried nearby
(c) In a cupboard
(d) Behind the last stone in the fireplace

4. When the Eppy family arrived in the redwood forest, they were a family of
(a) Six
(b) Five
(c) Four
(d) Three

5. Emma's choice of clothing, instead of frilly dresses, was...
(a) Hooded raincoats
(b) Rolled up jeans
(c) Tights and boots
(d) Long black pants

6. What is the lifestyle change that Jerome makes when he moves to his hundred acres in the woods?
(a) He chops wood for a living
(b) He relies on others for food
(c) He becomes a land realtor
(d) He no longer works

7. What drew Cilly to the ramshackle house in the grove?
(a) The ambience
(b) The smell of wildlife
(c) Big windows
(d) Wooden floors

8. For Jerome, camping out proves to be...
(a) A pleasure
(b) A trying experience
(c) A peaceful break
(d) A risky adventure

9. Emma Lou probably gets her tough-guy attitude from...
(a) Having all brothers
(b) Being raised in the woods
(c) Having mean parents
(d) Going to a bad school

10. Donald Roger has made a habit of...
(a) Counting the pets at the Kildee house
(b) Stalking Emma Lou
(c) Stalking the fawn
(d) Watching the Kildee house

11. Who is Emma Lou Eppy?
(a) A college student who is studying Jerome Kildee
(b) A hunter who stops by to visit
(c) A park ranger who keeps an eye on the property
(d) The only girl in the neighboring Eppy family of nine

12. Jerome attempts to get the skunky smell out of the cabin by...
(a) Leaving the door open
(b) Cooking a meal
(c) Lighting a pipe
(d) Spraying ammonia

13. To what strange place does Mrs. Grouch move her children?
(a) The bathroom
(b) Jerome's oven
(c) Jerome's bed
(d) The cupboard

14. The skunks and Emma Lou are...
(a) Distant
(b) Enemies
(c) Afraid of one another
(d) Very close friends

15. Papa and Mama bring their baby skunks to Jerome for...
(a) Warmth
(b) Discipline
(c) Affection
(d) Feeding

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the history of Jerome's stonecutting business?

2. Who is Mr. Grouch?

3. Now that Mrs. Grouch is gone, who will have to care for the children?

4. During this first visit with Jerome, Emma Lou...

5. Jerome begins to be aware of the fact that...

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