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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By chewing up his letters, what do the mice accomplish for Jerome?
(a) They clean out the box under his bed for him
(b) He does not have to burn them now
(c) He no longer needs to think about the past
(d) They provide warmth

2. What is the history of Jerome's stonecutting business?
(a) His grandfather employed him
(b) He worked there as an apprentice for his uncle
(c) His grandfather and father had both owned it
(d) He was employed by the funeral home

3. Who is Mr. Grouch?
(a) A neighbor at the foot of the mountain
(b) A spotted skunk
(c) A big rat in the wall
(d) The male raccoon who lives in the redwood tree

4. Papa's reaction to the sound of barking is to...
(a) Run to meet the dog
(b) Bare his teeth
(c) Hide under the bed
(d) Lift his tail

5. Papa and Mama bring their baby skunks to Jerome for...
(a) Feeding
(b) Discipline
(c) Warmth
(d) Affection

6. What does Emma Lou discover in the blackberry patch?
(a) A small fawn
(b) A skunk
(c) A raccoon
(d) A bobcat

7. What kinds of foods does Jerome provide for the animals?
(a) Raw potatoes and carrots
(b) Eggs and Spam
(c) Cakes and cereal
(d) Fruit and vegetables

8. Jerome attempts to get the skunky smell out of the cabin by...
(a) Cooking a meal
(b) Leaving the door open
(c) Lighting a pipe
(d) Spraying ammonia

9. What breed is Strong-Heart?
(a) Doberman
(b) Pit bull
(c) Collie
(d) Labrador

10. The cabin smells so bad, that Jerome decides to...
(a) Wash everything down
(b) Go into town
(c) Burn a fire inside
(d) Camp out for a while

11. What does Emma Lou do while she walks alone in the woods?
(a) She hunts for owls
(b) She makes up rhymes
(c) She thinks about things
(d) She cries

12. Why does Jerome check his fireplace before lighting a fire?
(a) A rat resides in the chimney
(b) He wants to be sure the draft is right
(c) The family of spotted skunks may be hiding there
(d) He wants to be sure he has used up the wood from the last fire

13. Why does Emma Lou's brother, Ben, pay a visit to Jerome?
(a) He wants to confront Jerome about hunting
(b) His mother wonders why Emma Lou goes there
(c) He is suspicious of Jerome's intentions
(d) He wants to see the array of animals

14. Moving Runt's box requires Jerome to...
(a) Change the wiring of the cabinet
(b) Rewire the room's lighting
(c) Renovate the living room
(d) Move the wood stove

15. Donald Roger has made a habit of...
(a) Stalking the fawn
(b) Counting the pets at the Kildee house
(c) Watching the Kildee house
(d) Stalking Emma Lou

Short Answer Questions

1. Emma refers to her parents as...

2. What is Emma's weapon of choice?

3. Old Grouch's children arrive...

4. What are the raccoons doing that keeps Jerome awake all night?

5. What name did Emma Lou and Jerome assign to Mrs. Grouch?

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