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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Mr. Grouch's least agreeable characteristics?
(a) He sleeps all day
(b) He is selfish and lazy
(c) He is a slow mover
(d) He is fat and hungry

2. For Jerome, camping out proves to be...
(a) A peaceful break
(b) A risky adventure
(c) A pleasure
(d) A trying experience

3. Why does Emma Lou dislike the other neighbor, Donald?
(a) He does not respect women
(b) His dog kills wildlife
(c) He is mean and aggressive
(d) He is cold to Jerome Kildee

4. Why did Donald Roger pay a visit to Jerome?
(a) To get some ideas for building a shack
(b) To pay him for the racoon his dog killed
(c) To look at the inside of the cabin
(d) To discuss Emma Lou's rage toward him

5. Old Grouch's children arrive...
(a) With a couple of new children
(b) With more aggressive attitude
(c) With a supply of food
(d) With new spouses

6. What breed is Strong-Heart?
(a) Pit bull
(b) Labrador
(c) Collie
(d) Doberman

7. The Eppys like to have...
(a) Heavy suppers
(b) Tea
(c) Brunch
(d) Light meals

8. Strong Heart intends to eat Papa, however...
(a) Papa tricks him
(b) Papa runs faster
(c) Papa sprays him
(d) Papa cowers under the bed

9. How do Mr. and Mrs. Grouch respond to Jerome's talking?
(a) They become frightened
(b) They quietly leave the house
(c) They begin to sing
(d) They fall to sleep

10. Now that Mrs. Grouch is gone, who will have to care for the children?
(a) Jerome
(b) Emma Lou
(c) Mr. Grouch
(d) Papa

11. Why does Emma Lou's brother, Ben, pay a visit to Jerome?
(a) He wants to confront Jerome about hunting
(b) He wants to see the array of animals
(c) He is suspicious of Jerome's intentions
(d) His mother wonders why Emma Lou goes there

12. How does Jerome manage to protect his food?
(a) He puts his food in a safe
(b) He trains the animals to stay out of the cupboards
(c) He makes latches that can be opened by pulling a string
(d) He puts everything under lock and key

13. Jerome is happy to camp out, and it makes him feel...
(a) Afraid
(b) Rugged
(c) Small
(d) Respected

14. Where did Emma go to visit her aunt?
(a) San Ramon
(b) Santa Clara
(c) Santa Rita
(d) Santa Cruz

15. What does Emma Lou discover in the blackberry patch?
(a) A small fawn
(b) A raccoon
(c) A bobcat
(d) A skunk

Short Answer Questions

1. The hungry fawn is very attracted to...

2. Who takes care of the noises in the wall?

3. Emma Lou probably gets her tough-guy attitude from...

4. After coffee and a smoke, Ben tells Jerome...

5. What drew Cilly to the ramshackle house in the grove?

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