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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Moving Runt's box requires Jerome to...
(a) Move the wood stove
(b) Change the wiring of the cabinet
(c) Rewire the room's lighting
(d) Renovate the living room

2. The figure of Charmine on the stone looks like Charmine when she...
(a) Tried to wake Jerome in the morning for breakfast
(b) Went on guard to protect her babies
(c) Peeked over the edge of her box at Jerome
(d) Stalked prey for food

3. What appeals to Jerome about Emma?
(a) She is not a typical girl
(b) Her demure nature
(c) Her laugh
(d) Her red hair

4. Who takes up caring for Mrs. Grouch's babies?
(a) Jerome
(b) Old Grouch
(c) Papa
(d) Emma

5. What breed is Strong-Heart?
(a) Pit bull
(b) Collie
(c) Doberman
(d) Labrador

6. Jerome is a bit worried at the end of this chapter because...
(a) Old Grouch has not awakened
(b) The baby skunks are under the bed
(c) His pack rats have gone silent
(d) The baby raccoons have not returned

7. What is Emma's weapon of choice?
(a) A beany
(b) A spear
(c) A gun
(d) A rock

8. When Donald Roger hears Emma Lou approaching the cabin, he...
(a) Hides under the table
(b) Climbs up into the chimney
(c) Runs out into the woods
(d) Hides under Jerome's bed

9. To what does Jerome compare the pack rats' clumping noise?
(a) Kettle drums
(b) A man on stilts
(c) A small train
(d) A thundercloud

10. Emma saves an orphaned deer from being killed by...
(a) Roger Donald
(b) Raccoons
(c) A cougar
(d) Strong Heart

11. Emma Lou's intention is to use her rifle to...
(a) Frighten Donald Roger away for good
(b) Shoot Donald Roger's dog
(c) Poach deer for her family
(d) Protect Jerome from Donald Roger

12. The skunks and Emma Lou are...
(a) Distant
(b) Very close friends
(c) Afraid of one another
(d) Enemies

13. Why does Emma Lou's brother, Ben, pay a visit to Jerome?
(a) He is suspicious of Jerome's intentions
(b) His mother wonders why Emma Lou goes there
(c) He wants to confront Jerome about hunting
(d) He wants to see the array of animals

14. Mama and Papa are taking their babies out at night to...
(a) Play freely
(b) Help them learn to see in the dark
(c) Teach them to hunt
(d) Teach them defense skills

15. How does Jerome feel about Emma arming herself with a rifle?
(a) He wants to see her hit her target
(b) He hopes it will help fend off Donald Roger
(c) He hopes she is a good shot
(d) It is worrisome to him

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Emma go to visit her aunt?

2. Papa's reaction to the sound of barking is to...

3. By chewing up his letters, what do the mice accomplish for Jerome?

4. Emma Lou has skills that Jerome does not have, including...

5. The cabin smells so bad, that Jerome decides to...

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