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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What characteristic makes Jerome Kildee want to live in the middle of the forest?
(a) He is speech impaired
(b) He is a silent man
(c) He is a forager
(d) He is afraid of people

2. Jerome thinks that Old Grouch is...
(a) Pining for his wife
(b) Missing Emma Lou
(c) Preparing to die
(d) Looking for Strong Heart

3. Emma Lou does not tell Jerome that she and Ben..
(a) Spent a long time hunting the lion
(b) Killed the mountain lion
(c) Sicced a hound on the lion
(d) Saw the lion in town

4. What is unique about Jerome's front wndow?
(a) It is covered with draperies
(b) It is the size of a storefront window
(c) It is a sliding glass door
(d) It is made of stained glass

5. The cabin smells so bad, that Jerome decides to...
(a) Burn a fire inside
(b) Wash everything down
(c) Camp out for a while
(d) Go into town

6. Jerome is a bit worried at the end of this chapter because...
(a) The baby skunks are under the bed
(b) The baby raccoons have not returned
(c) Old Grouch has not awakened
(d) His pack rats have gone silent

7. Emma's choice of clothing, instead of frilly dresses, was...
(a) Rolled up jeans
(b) Long black pants
(c) Tights and boots
(d) Hooded raincoats

8. What appeals to Jerome about Emma?
(a) Her demure nature
(b) Her red hair
(c) She is not a typical girl
(d) Her laugh

9. How is Jerome able to tolerate skunks in the house?
(a) They do not use their weapons on him
(b) They keep him warm at night
(c) They are polite and do not want to stay
(d) They listen to him talk

10. What are the raccoons doing that keeps Jerome awake all night?
(a) Eating
(b) Playing
(c) Going in and out
(d) Quarreling

11. Emma refers to her parents as...
(a) Her jailers
(b) Job and Cilly
(c) The old folks
(d) The bosses

12. What drew Cilly to the ramshackle house in the grove?
(a) The smell of wildlife
(b) Big windows
(c) The ambience
(d) Wooden floors

13. How does Jerome feel about the woodland animals?
(a) They do not own the woods
(b) They are unwanted guests
(c) They do not belong to him
(d) They are his private property

14. For Jerome, camping out proves to be...
(a) A risky adventure
(b) A trying experience
(c) A pleasure
(d) A peaceful break

15. Moving Runt's box requires Jerome to...
(a) Renovate the living room
(b) Rewire the room's lighting
(c) Change the wiring of the cabinet
(d) Move the wood stove

Short Answer Questions

1. When Emma threatens to bring a rifle...

2. Why does Emma Lou's brother, Ben, pay a visit to Jerome?

3. How does Old Grouch demonstrate his indifference as a parent?

4. The skunks and Emma Lou are...

5. During this first visit with Jerome, Emma Lou...

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