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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the lifestyle change that Jerome makes when he moves to his hundred acres in the woods?
(a) He becomes a land realtor
(b) He no longer works
(c) He relies on others for food
(d) He chops wood for a living

2. Jerome begins to be aware of the fact that...
(a) Winter is coming on
(b) His house desperately needs cleaning
(c) The animal population in his house is going to grow
(d) Emma Lou is becoming a constant visitor

3. Where are Jerome's stonecutting tools?
(a) Behind the last stone in the fireplace
(b) In a cupboard
(c) Buried nearby
(d) In a knot in the redwood tree

4. Why does Emma Lou dislike the other neighbor, Donald?
(a) He is cold to Jerome Kildee
(b) His dog kills wildlife
(c) He is mean and aggressive
(d) He does not respect women

5. What does Jerome regret about the people he encountered in his work?
(a) He has not stayed in touch with them
(b) They were unable to talk with him
(c) They were sad and he was unable to comfort them
(d) They were not pleased with his work

6. How do Mr. and Mrs. Grouch respond to Jerome's talking?
(a) They fall to sleep
(b) They become frightened
(c) They begin to sing
(d) They quietly leave the house

7. What appeals to Jerome about Emma?
(a) She is not a typical girl
(b) Her red hair
(c) Her laugh
(d) Her demure nature

8. What does Emma Lou do while she walks alone in the woods?
(a) She thinks about things
(b) She hunts for owls
(c) She makes up rhymes
(d) She cries

9. Another food source for the skunks is...
(a) Baby raccoons
(b) Rodents
(c) Rats
(d) Butterflies

10. Emma is teaching the young skunks to...
(a) Eat outdoors
(b) Hunt for their own food
(c) Form a single line
(d) Perform circus tricks

11. Who takes care of the noises in the wall?
(a) Papa
(b) Jerome
(c) Ben
(d) The Eppys

12. How does Old Grouch demonstrate his indifference as a parent?
(a) He leaves the cabin
(b) He takes over the babies' nest for himself
(c) He chooses to care for Ma and Pa's babies
(d) He eats the babies' food

13. When the Eppy family arrived in the redwood forest, they were a family of
(a) Four
(b) Three
(c) Five
(d) Six

14. What is Emma's weapon of choice?
(a) A spear
(b) A gun
(c) A rock
(d) A beany

15. How does Mr. Grouch get in and out of the house?
(a) Jerome builds a small, swinging door for him
(b) He learns how to knock on the door
(c) He comes up from under the floor
(d) Jerome lets him in and out

Short Answer Questions

1. What breed is Strong-Heart?

2. Emma Lou probably gets her tough-guy attitude from...

3. Emma Lou's intention is to use her rifle to...

4. Why did Donald Roger pay a visit to Jerome?

5. Jerome decides to use his stonecutter's tools to make...

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