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Rutherford George Montgomery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Eppy family arrived in the redwood forest, they were a family of
(a) Six
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) Five

2. What do we know about Jerome's past?
(a) He has not been able to connect with people
(b) He has been a mediocre stone cutter
(c) He was married for years
(d) He was a happy man

3. How did Charmine punish the runt of her litter?
(a) She nipped at her and growled
(b) She whipped her with her tail
(c) She left her behind when the family went to the spring
(d) She gave her less food than the others

4. Who is Amby?
(a) The youngest Eppy boy
(b) A boy from town
(c) A boy from school
(d) The oldest Eppy boy

5. What are the raccoons doing that keeps Jerome awake all night?
(a) Eating
(b) Quarreling
(c) Playing
(d) Going in and out

6. Emma saves an orphaned deer from being killed by...
(a) Roger Donald
(b) Strong Heart
(c) Raccoons
(d) A cougar

7. What made Emma Lou finally decide to go to Jerome's door?
(a) He smiled at her in the post office
(b) Her anger gave her the courage to go
(c) He invited her for lunch
(d) She liked the look of his front window

8. Now that Mrs. Grouch is gone, who will have to care for the children?
(a) Jerome
(b) Papa
(c) Emma Lou
(d) Mr. Grouch

9. What tasty dessert did Jerome make for Emma Lou?
(a) Muffins
(b) Berry scones
(c) Shortcake
(d) Fresh bread

10. What characteristic makes Jerome Kildee want to live in the middle of the forest?
(a) He is a forager
(b) He is a silent man
(c) He is speech impaired
(d) He is afraid of people

11. Jerome is a bit worried at the end of this chapter because...
(a) His pack rats have gone silent
(b) The baby skunks are under the bed
(c) Old Grouch has not awakened
(d) The baby raccoons have not returned

12. Who is Ben Eppy?
(a) An uncle to Emma
(b) The Eppys' youngest son
(c) Emma's brother in law
(d) Emma's father

13. To what does Jerome compare the pack rats' clumping noise?
(a) A thundercloud
(b) A man on stilts
(c) Kettle drums
(d) A small train

14. How does Jerome manage to protect his food?
(a) He trains the animals to stay out of the cupboards
(b) He puts everything under lock and key
(c) He makes latches that can be opened by pulling a string
(d) He puts his food in a safe

15. Emma tries to teach the raccoons, using...
(a) A stick and chair
(b) Bacon and eggs
(c) A piece of abalone shell
(d) Brute force

Short Answer Questions

1. Jerome begins to be aware of the fact that...

2. How does Mr. Grouch get in and out of the house?

3. Who takes care of the noises in the wall?

4. Emma Lou's intention is to use her rifle to...

5. Mama and Papa are taking their babies out at night to...

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