Objects & Places from Kildee House

Rutherford George Montgomery
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Kildee's House - A small dwelling built against a large redwood tree.

Kildee's Fireplace - A huge source of heat taking up an entire wall in the house.

California's Redwood Forest - The region where Jerome Kildee and the Eppys reside.

Pacific Ocean - The source of a terrific storm that almost damages Kildee's house

Monarch's Corral - A structure built to protect an orphaned deer.

Charmine's Gravestone - A monument to Mrs. Grouch.

Old Grouch's Statute - A likeness of the old, lazy father raccoon.

Mama and Papa's Nest - A cozy home under the floorboards of the Kildee house.

Rat Pack's Nest - A small home in the wall of the Kildee house.

Mountain Meadow - An area where Emma Lou spots a mountain lion preying on a doe.

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