Daily Lessons for Teaching Kildee House

Rutherford George Montgomery
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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter One Rutherford covers a lot of ground in Chapter One, and gives us many hints and clues as to Jerome Kildee's life up until now. This lesson will look in depth at what we know thus far about Jerome.

1) Small group discussion: What kind of man is Jerome Kildee? Is he someone you would automatically want to strike up a friendship with? Why, or why not?

Class Discussion: Why would a person want to build a house against a redwood tree in California? Consider the year this book was written, and what you know at this point about Jerome Kildee's life.

Short essay written in class: Locate and discuss two vague clues about Jerome that the author plants in the text to leave us wondering about Jerome's past.

Homework: Write a short essay about Jerome Kildee's propensity for using the terms "bride" and "wife" when...

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