Kildee House Character Descriptions

Rutherford George Montgomery
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Jerome Kildee

A reclusive, elderly retired stonemason who lives in a small house built against a redwood tree.

Emma Lou Eppy

A teenage girl who is the only daughter in a large family.

Roger Donald Cabot

A teenage boy who has allowed his dog to chase down harmless forest animals.

Old Grouch

A fat, lazy father raccoon who becomes a fixture in the Kildee house.


The posthumous name for Mrs. Grouch, the mother raccoon.

Mama and Papa

A pair of spotted skunks that nest under the floorboards of Kildee's house.


An orphaned fawn, rescued by Emma Lou.

The Mountain Lion

A predator who has killed Monarch's mother.

Cilly and Job

The parents of Emma Lou Eppy.

Jim Hinkle

A game warden who looks into Monarch's living conditions.

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