Kildee House Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rutherford George Montgomery
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Chapter One

• Jerome Kildee is introduced as a silent man who has built a small home against a giant redwood in a California forest

• Jerome is retired, owns a hundred acres and plans to be left alone to live in quiet solitude

• The robust Eppy family, who live on neighboring property, have six sons who haul Jerome's wood up the hill, and one daughter

• Jerome, a retired stonecutter who made fine monuments, has sealed his stoneworking tools up in the chimney in his home
• The wealthy Cabot family on the other side of the hill has one son, Donald Roger

• Wildlife friends who move in with Jerome are selfish and untrustworthy, some being thieves like some people he has known in the past

• A pair of spotted skunks living under his floor are smart and friendly, and keep down the mouse population

• Old Grouch, a large male raccoon...

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