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William Taubman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Khrushchev's children warn him of?
(a) Staying in Moscow too long.
(b) Unloyal friends.
(c) Conspiracy.
(d) Losing the election.

2. Why is Sergei in a body cast?
(a) Yellow Fever.
(b) Multiple broken bones.
(c) Polio.
(d) Tuberculosis.

3. Why does Stalin force his company to drink excessively?
(a) To have fun.
(b) To socialize.
(c) To loosen their tongues.
(d) So he does not drink alone.

4. What are two main epidemics in the barracks in 1908?
(a) Alcoholism and disease.
(b) Drug abuse and crime.
(c) Disease and crime.
(d) Alcoholism and crime.

5. Who takes over as Prime Minister after Khrushchev leaves office?
(a) Kosygin.
(b) Brezhnev.
(c) Stalin.
(d) Mikoyan.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Lyonia die?

2. What is Stalin's mental state following his strokes?

3. What does education offer men during the time discussed in Chapter 3?

4. What happens to Lenin in 1922 that leaves him an invalid until his death?

5. What happens to Stalin on March 1, 1953?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why should Khrushchev have listened to his children's warnings of conspiracy?

2. What is the state of the Soviet Union in 1964?

3. Why does Khrushchev have Dovzhenko rehabilitated?

4. What benefit does Khrushchev receive from having Ivan Pisarev as a friend?

5. Why does Khrushchev wear a mask when dealing with Beria?

6. Why does the author suggest that Khrushchev embraces revolution?

7. What is Khrushchev involved in once he moves to Kharlov?

8. Unlike many of his colleagues, what does Khrushchev have a fascination about?

9. How does Khrushchev feel about Stalin?

10. Why does Khrushchev prefer pseudo-science?

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