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William Taubman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 9, how do the Politburo colleagues perceive Malenkov?
(a) Weak.
(b) Powerful.
(c) Intelligent.
(d) A threat.

2. Where does the biggest tank battle in history take place?
(a) Kiev.
(b) Kharkov.
(c) Kursk.
(d) Stalingrad.

3. What does education offer men during the time discussed in Chapter 3?
(a) A change for political office.
(b) A job in a factory.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A manager position.

4. When are the Leningraders sentenced to death?
(a) 1949.
(b) 1947.
(c) 1948.
(d) 1950.

5. How much of the USSR's wealth does WWII claim?
(a) 30%.
(b) 40%.
(c) 60%.
(d) 50%.

6. How many Ukrainians die during WWII?
(a) 1 million.
(b) 4.5 million.
(c) 8.6 million.
(d) 5.3 million.

7. When does the biggest tank battle in history take place?
(a) 1942.
(b) 1943.
(c) 1944.
(d) 1945.

8. In October 1964, who is Khrushchev's chief ally?
(a) Mikoyan.
(b) Kosygin.
(c) Stalin.
(d) Brezhnev.

9. What does Stalin think Voroshilov is during the 19th Congress in 1952?
(a) A Western spy.
(b) No longer useful.
(c) Worthy of a higher office.
(d) A loyal supporter.

10. Who verbally assaults Khrushchev in 1964?
(a) Stalin.
(b) Kosygin.
(c) Mikoyan.
(d) Brezhnev.

11. What type of educational program does Khrushchev enroll in?
(a) Adult learners program.
(b) University program.
(c) Bolshevik program.
(d) Rabfak Program.

12. What is Khrushchev accused of during the verbal assault in 1964?
(a) Contradicting Leninist doctrines.
(b) Communist views.
(c) Accepting bribes.
(d) Voting against Stalin.

13. What political positions does Khrushchev hold?
(a) President and party leader.
(b) Secretary of State and Prime Minister.
(c) Prime Minister and party leader.
(d) Party leader and Secretary of State.

14. When does Khrushchev become a full member of the Central Committee?
(a) 1924.
(b) 1932.
(c) 1929.
(d) 1934.

15. In what years does Stalin suffer strokes?
(a) 1948 and 1948.
(b) 1947 and 1951.
(c) 1943 and 1945.
(d) 1945 and 1947.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Khrushchev's socioeconomic status growing up?

2. Which district does Khrushchev take control of in 1930?

3. How does Khrushchev feel about his father taking him out of school?

4. At dinners with Stalin, what must everyone do before Stalin will eat?

5. Who is the Great Patriotic War against?

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