Objects & Places from Khrushchev

William Taubman
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The NKVD/ MVD/ KGB - This entity is known under a variety of names, and it is responsible for carrying out Stalin's terror in the 1930s and beyond.

The Politburo/ Presidium - This group is the top-most decision maker in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, chosen from the members of the Central Committee, who in turn are chosen from local party units nationwide.

Kalinovka - This is the main character's birthplace near the Ukrainian border.

Yuzovka/Stalino/Donetsk - This is an industrial region where the main character begins his work life in 1908.

Moscow - This is the place where the main character arrives to study; it is being painfully rebuilt from the overgrown village dominated by church spires into a modern city.

Kiev - This is the second most important of the Soviet republics and enjoyed a brief independent reign in the Middle Ages...

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