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Robert Schenkkan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the tree under which Mary Anne's great-great-grandfather, Michael Rowen, buys his land from the Indians?
(a) Treaty Oak.
(b) Cherokee Birch.
(c) Cherokee Oak.
(d) Indian Maple.

2. In what year does Play Four, Ties That Bind, take place?
(a) 2008.
(b) 1799.
(c) 1850.
(d) 1819.

3. In Scene Four of The Courtship of Morning Star, how does Morning star respond when Michael Rowen pulls her into his lap and begins kissing her?
(a) She tells Rowen she loves him.
(b) She bursts into tears.
(c) She pulls a knife on Rowen.
(d) She breaks a chair over Rowen's head.

4. Why does Richard tell Jed they should bury their differences?
(a) He is running for office and wants Jed's vote.
(b) He wants to marry Jed's sister.
(c) He's tired of the bad blood between them.
(d) To unite against a common foe, the Yankees.

5. Which Talberts survive the attack on their home in Play Five?
(a) Young Randall and his mother.
(b) The two Talbert women.
(c) Richard Talbert and his mother.
(d) Young Randall and his grandmother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the prologue in Play Six, Tall Tales, discuss?

2. What is the Cherokee term for Morning Star?

3. In Play Two, The Courtship of Morning Star, what does Michael Rowen want now that he is prosperous?

4. What does Morning Star dangle over her baby son at the end of Scene Six of The Courtship of Morning Star?

5. What does Earl Tod do before he offers Michael Rowen food and water?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence is there in Chapters Four to Seven of Play Seven that Tommy Jackson is not interested in supporting a coal miners' union?

2. What do Taskwan's statement that the land Michael Rowen wants is cursed and Dragging Canoe's statement that the land is dark and bloody in Play One, Masters of the Trade foreshadow?

3. What is the significance of Morning Star's statement in Play Two, The Courtship of Morning Star, that her baby is "born with teeth"?

4. At the beginning of Play Six, Tall Tales, why is Mary Anne Rowen reminiscing about how beautiful and colorful spring is in the Kentucky mountains?

5. What character flaw do Patrick Rowen and his father Michael share and what dark act does it lead each of them to commit?

6. What happens when Jed tells Mary Anne the truth about the contract he persuaded her father to sign in Scene Three of Play Six?

7. Describe Jed Rowen's dream at the beginning of Play Five, God's Great Supper.

8. In Play Eight, in what ways does Scotty's experience in the Korean War seem to influence his opinions about the mining company and the union?

9. From where does Joshua get the Rowen gold watch in Play Nine, what does he do with it and what do his actions symbolize?

10. What does Patrick Rowen tell Rebecca in Play Three, The Homecoming, that his father does to his baby sister?

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