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Robert Schenkkan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the prologue of Play Six, who stands off to the side while 14-year-old Mary Anne Rowen sits at the creek?
(a) Michael Rowen.
(b) Morning Star Rowen.
(c) Jed Rowen.
(d) The adult Mary Anne.

2. Who is wresting as Play Four, Ties That Bind, opens?
(a) Patrick and Jessie.
(b) Jessie and Zach.
(c) Zeke and Zach.
(d) Jessie and Zeke.

3. Which of the following statements does not describe an aspect of Jed Rowen's dream at the beginning of Play Five?
(a) His father Ezekiel preaches from Revelations.
(b) Jed's grandfather, Patrick, dies.
(c) Two women read a list of men's names including his.
(d) Jed eats at a church picnic in an orchard.

4. When Talbert and his men retreat to the river during their first battle in Play Five, what happens to Talbert?
(a) He develops dysentery.
(b) He is captured by a Union lieutenant.
(c) He falls and breaks his ankle.
(d) He is wounded by a Union bullet.

5. In Play Two, The Courtship of Morning Star, what does Rowen plan to do if Morning Star has a girl instead of a boy when she delivers the baby she is expecting?
(a) Send the child to live with the Indians.
(b) Celebrate the girl's birth with a big party.
(c) Leave the baby girl on a mountain to die.
(d) Sell the child as an indentured servant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Randall Talbert running away in Play Five?

2. Why does J.T. claim he is saving Mary Anne's life or at least her soul?

3. In Play Five, who heads the wrong way, while riding out to Bowling Green when Talbert's army first heads off to battle?

4. What happens to the Indian woman in Scene One of The Courtship of Morning Star?

5. In Play One, Masters of the Trade, how does Michael Rowen say he injures his ankle?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways does Jed's experience fighting with Quantrill parallel his experience fighting with his father against the Talberts?

2. Which Talberts does Jed let live when his family attacks the Talbert homestead in Play Five, God's Great Supper?

3. What does the incident with the train in Scene Eleven of Play Seven indicate about the conflict between the coal miners and the mining company?

4. What is the significance of Morning Star's statement in Play Two, The Courtship of Morning Star, that her baby is "born with teeth"?

5. Why doesn't Tommy Jackson trust J.T. in Scene One of Play Six, Tall Tales?

6. In Play Four, Ties That Bind, why does Patrick Rowen seem to favor his younger son, Zach, over his older son, Zeke?

7. Is there any evidence that Morning Star's marriage to Michael Rowen is any happier in Play Three, The Homecoming, than it is in Play Two, The Courtship of Morning Star?

8. Why does Tommy want to hire the preacher to produce a fake birth certificate in Scene Seven of Play Seven, even though Mary Anne can produce Joshua's true birth certificate?

9. Why doesn't Joshua want the miners to walk out of the unsafe Blue Star Mine in Play Eight?

10. What does J.T. talk Jed Rowen into selling in Scene Two of Play Six and does Jed fully understand what he is selling?

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