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Robert Schenkkan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Play Eight, who does everyone turn to look at when James Talbert reads the names of the missing miners and announces Scotty's?
(a) James Talbert.
(b) Joshua.
(c) Stuckey.
(d) Margaret.

2. Why doesn't Joshua want to pull men out of the Blue Star mine in Play Eight?
(a) He doesn't think the issue poses an imediate danger.
(b) He is paid a bribe not to pull them out.
(c) He doesn't think there is a safety issue.
(d) It is a wildcat strike which violates the union contract.

3. In Scene Two of Play Six, Tall Tales, who joins the Rowen family for dinner?
(a) J.T. and Tommy.
(b) Jessie.
(c) Sallie.
(d) Richard Talbert.

4. Who responds when Cassius whistles at the Treaty Oak at the end of Play Seven?
(a) Thugs who work for the mine.
(b) Abe.
(c) Tommy.
(d) The gun sellers he is expecting.

5. Why does Mary Anne give Abe the Rowen family watch in Play Seven?
(a) As a token of her esteem.
(b) To purchase more medicine for Joshua.
(c) He is her long lost brother.
(d) To buy guns to fight the mining company.

6. Why don't the Rowens rip up the contract for the mineral rights?
(a) They don't want to believe J.T. tells the truth about lying.
(b) The contract is illegal.
(c) The contract is fake.
(d) A lawyer advises them not to destroy it.

7. What proof does Joshua offer in Play Seven that Tommy is the one who has betrayed the miners?
(a) Testimony of other miners.
(b) The Rowen gold pocket watch in Tommy's pocket.
(c) The blood on Tommy's hands.
(d) The gun in Tommy's arms.

8. What do the other miners tease Tommy and Joshua about when Joshua arrives at the mine in Play Seven?
(a) Their stuttering.
(b) Joshua's blonde hair.
(c) Their clumsiness at mining.
(d) Joshua's shortness.

9. Why does Andrew say it's too late to give Tommy what he wants?
(a) Andrew is leaving Howsen County.
(b) Someone else already has the promotion.
(c) Andrew calls in the Army.
(d) The mining company intends to fire Tommy.

10. In Play Seven, what document allows Joshua to work in the mines?
(a) His great height and strength.
(b) His age.
(c) His father's position as a miner.
(d) The fake birth certificate the preacher makes for him.

11. During dinner in Play Six, what does Sallie make Jed add to his whiskey?
(a) Peppermint.
(b) Ice water.
(c) Buttermilk.
(d) Bicarbonate of soda.

12. What happens when J.T. tells a story about two feuding families and a man named Jack killing his rival, Thomas?
(a) Tommy attacks J.T..
(b) Jed Rowen falls ill.
(c) The Rowens recognize it as Romeo and Juliet.
(d) The Rowens hate the story.

13. Who attacks J.T. in Play Six upon seeing him kiss Mary Anne?
(a) Sallie Rowen.
(b) Mary Anne's brother.
(c) Tommie.
(d) Jed Rowen.

14. When Tommy relates some of the family history to Joshua in Play Seven, what does he say is the only thing he ever wants?
(a) Mary Anne.
(b) A fine house.
(c) A job in the mines.
(d) The Rowen family's gold pocket watch.

15. How old is Joshua in Play Seven?
(a) Ten.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Sixteen.
(d) Eighteen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who promises Scotty to personally take care of the safety concerns at the mines in Play Eight?

2. In what year is Play Seven, Fire in the Hole, set?

3. In Scene Two of Play Eight, who does Joshua call "the Mother Jones of Howsen County"?

4. How much money does Tommy have to pay the fee for which the preacher asks?

5. To whom does Joshua give a speech in the prologue of Play Eight?

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