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Robert Schenkkan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Richard tell Jed they should bury their differences?
(a) He's tired of the bad blood between them.
(b) He wants to marry Jed's sister.
(c) To unite against a common foe, the Yankees.
(d) He is running for office and wants Jed's vote.

2. In Play Four, to whom does Patrick Rowen owe money now that his bank folds?
(a) Sallie.
(b) Jeremiah.
(c) The town preacher.
(d) The fat circuit court judge.

3. When Patrick Rowen tells his father he wants to marry Rebecca Talbert, how does Michael Rowen react?
(a) He disapproves and refuses to give Patrick land.
(b) He gives Patrick his blessing.
(c) He says he wants Rebecca for himself.
(d) He tells Star to get a preacher to conduct the wedding.

4. What does Michael Rowen tell Earl Tod he does in Georgia before coming to Kentucky?
(a) He is a preacher.
(b) He is a schoolmaster.
(c) He is a soldier.
(d) He is an indentured servant.

5. In what year does Play Six, Tall Tales, take place?
(a) 1861.
(b) 1885.
(c) 1776.
(d) 1995.

6. What is the name of the tree under which Mary Anne's great-great-grandfather, Michael Rowen, buys his land from the Indians?
(a) Cherokee Oak.
(b) Treaty Oak.
(c) Cherokee Birch.
(d) Indian Maple.

7. What happens to the Indian woman in Scene One of The Courtship of Morning Star?
(a) She drowns in the river.
(b) Michael Rowen drags her into his cabin against her will.
(c) She develops a fever.
(d) She falls in love with Michael Rowen.

8. In Play Two, The Courtship of Morning Star, what does Michael Rowen claim he does when he is just seven years old?
(a) Become an indentured servant.
(b) Go to jail.
(c) Rob a merchant.
(d) Kill his first man.

9. What is Mary Anne's relationship with Tommy Jackson in Play Six?
(a) Tommy is her boyfriend.
(b) Tommy is her brother.
(c) Tommy is her friend.
(d) Tommy is her cousin.

10. In the prologue of Play Six, who stands off to the side while 14-year-old Mary Anne Rowen sits at the creek?
(a) Michael Rowen.
(b) Morning Star Rowen.
(c) The adult Mary Anne.
(d) Jed Rowen.

11. What does Michael Rowen say he wants when he appears at Earl Tod's campfire in Play One?
(a) Money.
(b) Guns.
(c) A horse.
(d) Food and warmth from the fire.

12. What happens to Joe Talbert, Star's lover, at the end of Play Three, The Homecoming?
(a) He gets typhoid fever.
(b) He runs off with Star.
(c) Patrick shoots him to avoid hanging or going to jail.
(d) He becomes wealthy.

13. What is wrong with the blankets Michael Rowen gives Dragging Canoe and Taskwan?
(a) They're filled with fleas and lice.
(b) They're torn and ragged.
(c) They're infected with smallpox.
(d) They're dirty and long overdue for a washing.

14. In what does the narrator of the prologue in Play Six no longer believe ?
(a) True love.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Stories.
(d) God.

15. According to J.T. at the beginning of Play Six, who sometimes takes the shape of a channel catfish?
(a) A Cherokee Indian spirit.
(b) The ghost of Joe Talbert.
(c) The devil.
(d) A water nymph.

Short Answer Questions

1. What arrangement does Jeremiah make with Patrick in Play Four for payment of Patrick's debts?

2. What does Earl Tod do before he offers Michael Rowen food and water?

3. What is the only thing Ezekiel Rowen takes from the Talbert home at the end of Play Five?

4. Which Talberts survive the attack on their home in Play Five?

5. What does Morning Star dangle over her baby son at the end of Scene Six of The Courtship of Morning Star?

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