Daily Lessons for Teaching The Kentucky Cycle

Robert Schenkkan
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Objective: Michael Rowen is the protagonist or hero of Play One, Masters of the Trade. Nothing about Rowen, however, is heroic. He murders two men and hints he murders another in Georgia before arriving in Kentucky. This lesson discusses the character of Michael Rowen and his uniqueness as a protagonist in that he is not a traditional "good guy".

1. Class Activity: Have the students read aloud the page of Play One where Michael Rowen kills Sam (page 22) with a different student reading each paragraph.

2. Class Discussion: Is a protagonist usually a good guy or a bad guy? Who is the protagonist of this play? Do you think Michael Rowen is a good guy or a bad guy? Why? What traits do your normally expect to find in a protagonist? Do you find any of these traits in Rowen? What traits do you normally expect to find in...

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