The Kentucky Cycle Fun Activities

Robert Schenkkan
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Create a Family Tree

Select one of the following three families and create a family tree for the family, tracing it from Play One to Play Nine of The Kentucky Cycle: The Rowen family, the Biggs family, and the Talbert family. Be prepared to share your family tree with the rest of the class.

Dress Like a Character from The Kentucky Cycle

Select any character from The Kentucky Cycle and design a costume for that character, including accessories. Be prepared to don your costume for the class and explain the reasons you choose the items you do.

Make a Cherokee Necklace or Bracelet

Make a necklace or bracelet for Morning Star, Dragging Canoe or Taskwan, the Cherokee characters in the book. You can use beads, feathers, or other objects you deem appropriate for a Cherokee man or woman.

Cook Authentic Frontier Fare

Make traditional Kentucky frontier fare like...

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