The Kentucky Cycle Character Descriptions

Robert Schenkkan
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Franklin Biggs - This character controls the African-American population in Howsen County and influences the black community to go along with whatever Blue Star Mining wants.

Sallie Biggs - This character is a slave whose descendants lead the civil rights struggle in the latter parts of the cycle.

Tommy Jackson - This character tries to help with the unionizing effort, but is killed by a group of angry strikers.

Morning Star - This character is a Cherokee who gets kidnapped from the tribe, is forced into marriage, and whose leg tendons get cut, leaving a permanent limp.

Ezekiel Rowen - This character becomes a minister bent on revenge.

Jed Rowen - This character carries on the family tradition of lying and murder and sells the mineral rights to family land for a dollar an acre when it is worth $15,000 to $20,000 per acre.

Joshua Rowen - This...

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