The Kentucky Cycle Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert Schenkkan
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Play One, Masters of the Trade

• On the Kentucky frontier in 1775, a Scottish trader named Earl Tod is dozing by his campfire when a noise from the woods awakens him.

• Todd calls out a Cherokee greeting that isn't answered, and then calls out a threat in English.

• A white man named Michael Rowen emerges from the woods in response to Tod's English words and asks for food and for permission to warm himself at the fire.

• Tod invites Rowen to join him, then hits Rowen on the head with his rifle and searches the Irishman.

• Rowen comes from Zion, a small Kentucky settlement attacked and wiped out by Cherokee Indians.

• Rowen speaks Cherokee to Tod, revealing that he recognizes Tod's earlier use of the language, and accuses Tod of selling the guns used in the Zion massacre to the Indians.

• When Tod cocks his rifle to shoot Rowen...

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