Keeping the Moon Character Descriptions

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Nicole Sparks

This character was an overweight child and teen who earned a reputation for being promiscuous after she lost her weight.

Kiki Sparks

This character is a health and fitness guru by profession and has her own line of health and nutrition food and other products.


This character is an art freak who runs errands and lives in an apartment behind a house.

Aunt Mira

This character is an eccentric old woman who is overweight and has long red hair that she ties up with a pencil.

Bea Williamson

This character has a two-year-old toddler who has an overly large head that everyone in town talks about.


This character is one of the waitresses at the Last Chance who seems angry all of the time.


This character is engaged to a semi-pro baseball player who is traveling out of town most of the time...

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