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Chapters 1 and 2

• Kiki and Colie are at a train station saying goodbye.

• Colie is going to stay with her Aunt Mira over the summer while her mother travels through Europe.
• On the train, Colie thinks about the change that happened in her life when her mother rear ended a gym owner.

• She had to work off the damage at the gym, and she became an aerobics instructor, which helped her lose weight, and now she travels internationally for her videos.
• Colie lost a lot of weight as well, but wishes she was still fat because then she would still have something to hide behind.

• Norman meets her at the station and takes her to Mira's house. Mira sends her to The Last Chance to get some food.
• Isabel, the waitress is rude to her and teases her about her hair and lip ring. Colie realizes nothing ever changes...

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