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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mariah's mother's home called?

2. What does Mariah receive in the mail on September 23?

3. What book does Faith want to find?

4. Where were Mariah and Colin married?

5. Where does Mariah find Faith one night at the beginning of September?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does James Wilton tell Ian Fletcher that now would be a good time to start praying?

2. What happened the first time Mariah found Colin in bed with another woman?

3. What does Rabbi Weissman say about Faith's vision?

4. What are certain things that Mariah does not like to talk about?

5. How does a clown entertain Faith before the show?

6. Why, from the beginning, did Mariah believe that she and Colin were not meant to be together?

7. Why does Mariah want Faith to talk to a Priest?

8. When is the only time Mariah remembers Faith asking about God?

9. How is Faith injured at the circus?

10. Why does Mariah's mother tell her that Faith will help her get through this crisis?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Mariah hires Joan Standish to handle her divorce from Colin, Joan says that Colin has done Mariah a favor this time. Explain what Joan means by this statement and argue whether Colin did or did not do Mariah a favor by filing for divorce.

Essay Topic 2

For Christians, the Old Testament of the Bible represents the old covenant between man and God, and the New Testament represents a new covenant between man and God. Explain why the author might have divided the book into two parts: "The Old Testament" and "The New Testament".

Essay Topic 3

Several "miracles" happen in the novel. The author recounts Millie's apparent death from a heart attack, a couple who reconcile, a baby that is healed, and Ian's autistic brother. Using arguments that the characters use in the novel, argue whether or not any of these incidents could be considered miracles.

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