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Faith's Guard

Draw a picture of Faith's "guard".

Agnes of God

Watch the video "Agnes of God" that Mariah watches.

Lives of the Saints

Read the book "Lives of the Saints" that Mariah reads at the Darmouth College Library.

Bernadette Soubirious

Read about Bernadette Soubirious's visions and the shrine at Lourdes.

Faith Grown Up

Consider what Faith will be like as a grownup. Will she still be seeing visions and talking to God?

Toothpick House

Make a little house out of toothpicks like Mariah does in the cabin in Kansas.

Reporting Live

Imagine that you are a reporter camped outside Mariah's house and that you are reporting live for a television broadcast.

My Near Death Experience

Write a diary entry that Millie might have written after her miraculous resurrection from the dead.

Mother and Child Vanish

Write a newspaper article about Faith's and Mariah's disappearance when they flee...

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