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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Father Oswald refuse to grant Katherine after she confesses?
(a) Absolution
(b) A meeting with the Pope
(c) Forgiveness
(d) Annulment of her marriage to Hugh

2. Where is Katherine buried?
(a) In a small Swynford family plot
(b) The National Cathedral
(c) St. Paul's Cathedral
(d) Lincoln Cathedral

3. What is the main message or theme of this chapter?
(a) If you're powerful, you will go crazy.
(b) That when you're stressed out, it's good to rest and wake up hungry
(c) Always question who your parents are.
(d) That love conquers all.

4. Robin, playing the Lord of Misrule, shouts "Now shall each man kiss the lady of his heart!" He then kisses:
(a) Eleanor
(b) Katherine
(c) Philippa
(d) Princess Joan

5. As the Savoy explodes and peasants pillage its wine cellars, Cob stares at Katherine lying unconscious on the ground. He considers stealing her purse but stops. Why?
(a) He would become a target of other peasants if the purse is found on him
(b) He knows that without her purse, Katherine stands less of a chance at survival than him
(c) The purse reminds him of his long family history of stealing and he wants to break the cycle
(d) He sees the Swynford coat of arms which remind him of home and his long family history of loyalty to the Swynfords

Short Answer Questions

1. Katherine and John visit Hugh's tomb. After which, what happens?

2. Katherine initially decides against seeing John again. But Harry convinces her to be a part of the reunion because:

3. In a conversation with Katherine, Brother William tells her that Pieter and the two monks have been banished to Cyprus. He also tells her to:

4. While staying at the Pessoners' home for her safety, Katherine discovers that Hawise's husband is gathering arms to do what?

5. On what day of what year does Henry of Bolingbroke get married?

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