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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Thomas Swynford is now nineteen and a knight. Who does he serve?
(a) Princess Joan
(b) Henry of Bolingbroke, his half brother
(c) The Duke of Lancaster
(d) Costanza, the Queen of Castile

2. Right before Brother William dies, what does he tell Katherine about Hugh's death?
(a) He believes Geoffrey Chaucer poisoned Hugh's medicine
(b) He believes she and the duke orchestrated it
(c) He believes John's sister Isabel was behind it
(d) He wishes it had happened sooner

3. Although Richard has remarried to an eight year old, he occasionally thinks of his dead wife Anne. What are his thoughts regarding her?
(a) He has suspicions that she was murdered
(b) He misses her laughter
(c) He wishes she were alive and that his current wife could be his mistress
(d) He should have married someone else

4. While staying at the Pessoners' home for her safety, Katherine discovers that Hawise's husband is gathering arms to do what?
(a) Use against the duke
(b) To give to the French
(c) Practice shooting
(d) To give to the Cantons

5. At Our Lady of Walsingham's shrine, what miracle does Katherine pray for?
(a) Hugh's return
(b) John's return
(c) Blanchette's return
(d) Costanza's death

Short Answer Questions

1. In a quiet, blissful moment, John and Katherine hear a shrill trumpet followed by the sight of a king's herald galloping toward the castle. John's tone changes into a "down-dragging voice". Why?

2. Who offers to take a message to the king on John's behalf?

3. Who is making bloody threats against the king?

4. What does Katherine find at the duke's gatehouse that brands him a traitor?

5. Where does Katherine feel she should now return?

Short Essay Questions

1. The Bishop Courtenay, one of the duke's enemies, tells the angry mobs to stop rioting and go home. What do the mobs do to "content" themselves in the meantime?

2. The Duke has grown quite mad with his obsession over his heritage. While Katherine talks to him, she learns that someone is at the root of John's fears. Who is this person?

3. Katherine and John enjoy only three married years together. She lives another four years, during which Richard confiscates all Lancastrian estates and watches her son Henry return to England and fight for his rights. Did you ever think she should have just remained at Kettlethorpe and not married the duke?

4. Katherine goes to the Pessoners for safety. What she discover there?

5. Does Katherine have a "happy ever after" ending?

6. After the king's men kill Wat the tiler, the king rides up to the front rebel lines and declares himself their leader, the leader they had hoped for. The rebels cheer. Why do you think the rebels are so quick to embrace Richard?

7. King Richard turned out to be quite deceptive. Do you think he got what he deserved in the end?

8. Cob o'Fenton goes to quite a lot of trouble to help Katherine get to safety after the angry peasants break into and destroy Savoy. However, what does he say when they are safe at the Pessoners and she drinks from his mug of ale?

9. It is now 1395. What has happened to Costanza?

10. Where is Katherine now?

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