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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Julian helps Katherine realize and feel the real love of God. Katherine then surprises herself by returning to:
(a) Sheppey Priory
(b) Savoy
(c) The Pessoners' home
(d) Kettlethorpe

2. Two nuns arrive at the castle to see Katherine. One is name Ursula, who in fact turns out to be the long-lost Blanchette. Blanchette says she has returned because:
(a) She could no longer live with her hatred for Katherine
(b) She has no money or home and nowhere else to go
(c) She has been given unprecedented power to absolve Katherine of her sins
(d) She has been ordered by the church to take Katherine to the convent

3. What does the duke do with his children on Maundy Thursday?
(a) Wash the clothing of the poor, give them bread and cheese
(b) Wash the hands of the poor, give them gloves and chocolate
(c) Wash the feet of the poor, feed them, and give them silver
(d) Wait for the poor to enter church, shut the doors and lock them up

4. Who does the king's squire, Robin, think is a challenge for the duke?
(a) The peasants
(b) Costanza
(c) Katherine and Costanza
(d) The wealthy bishops

5. In a conversation with Katherine, Brother William tells her that Pieter and the two monks have been banished to Cyprus. He also tells her to:
(a) Find a way to convince the king to allow unmarried couples to live without shame
(b) Get on the next ship to anywhere because there's a reward for her head
(c) Give up her love for John because he foresees it ending in disaster
(d) Give up her love for John because he's really in love with Costanza

Short Answer Questions

1. On what day of what year does Henry of Bolingbroke get married?

2. Robin, playing the Lord of Misrule, shouts "Now shall each man kiss the lady of his heart!" He then kisses:

3. What does Alice Perrers do immediately after the king dies?

4. What illness does Philippa have?

5. What initially saves Katherine and Blanchette from the mob when they break into the palace?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Katherine and the duke are still not married, they openly show their relationship. What are some examples of how they do that?

2. Katherine and John enjoy only three married years together. She lives another four years, during which Richard confiscates all Lancastrian estates and watches her son Henry return to England and fight for his rights. Did you ever think she should have just remained at Kettlethorpe and not married the duke?

3. Does Katherine have a "happy ever after" ending?

4. Cob o'Fenton goes to quite a lot of trouble to help Katherine get to safety after the angry peasants break into and destroy Savoy. However, what does he say when they are safe at the Pessoners and she drinks from his mug of ale?

5. The Duke has grown quite mad with his obsession over his heritage. While Katherine talks to him, she learns that someone is at the root of John's fears. Who is this person?

6. Over time Geoffrey and Philippa have come to live apart. When we see Philippa at this point in the story, how is she?

7. Who is Lady Julian and what does she help Katherine do?

8. It is ironic that Katherine goes back to Kettlethorpe?

9. King Richard turned out to be quite deceptive. Do you think he got what he deserved in the end?

10. Where is Katherine now?

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